Miami Dolphins Complete Offseason Plan 2015


The Miami Dolphins have many avenues when it comes to fixing the holes on their team. Using a combination of the draft and free agency, this is my complete offseason plan for 2015. I am going to be attacking this in the format of need similar to my free agency primer. This is all my opinion and my suggestion, none of this is a necessarily a prediction simply my suggestions. I will go off the same assumption as my previous article in that Ndamukong Suh will be a Dolphin. So without further ado, let me share with you my grand master plan. Hope you enjoy but really I just hope someone from the Dolphins sees this.

Defensive Tackle

Ndamukong Suh, enough said. Seriously he settles this position for years to come making everyone around him better. I was not sold at first, believing that he would not gel with the Miami Dolphins’ coaches, but here is to hoping I am wrong. I believe he will be worth every penny and when it comes to disrupting Tom Brady there is nothing he hates more than pressure up the middle. I love it already.

Offensive Guard

The Chargers are stealing my thunder here having come to terms with him already, but Orlando Franklin would have been my first choice here. Being that he is no longer an option I will switch my attention to the draft where I am doing whatever I can to get Ali Marpet from Hobart. He is a monster in every sense. He was easily one of the most talked about linemen at the Senior Bowl and the Dolphins could get him in the 3rd or 4th round range. He and Billy Turner could make quite the tandem going forward assuming they both pan out to what they are supposed to be.

Inside Linebacker

This is a position that I believe can be filled in the draft. I personally would go for Denzell Perryman in the second or Stephone Anthony a little later on (who I believe is more athletically gifted and will be ultimately better in coverage). Grab one of these two guys and the Miami Dolphins will be just fine even if they have to let them develop for a little bit. In general at linebacker I think they are not in as dire need as one would think. My projected day one lineup would be Jelani Jenkins and Dion Jordan (who the Dolphins are strongly considering switching to OLB, some fans even petitioned for the switch), at OLB and Koa Misi at MLB. The whole linebacking corps will benefit from the presence of Suh and will allow them all to play a little more freely. If they were to go through FA my choice would be Mason Foster. He could hold the position down for years and is going to come cheap thanks to his injuries last year.


Please, please don’t leave this position to the draft. I hope someone from the Miami Dolphins is reading this, but honestly I believe they found these truths to be self-evident far before I mentioned them. Safety is not strong in this draft as I mentioned. Therefore I would make sure that if they could only sign one other free agent this year it would be Da’Norris Searcy formerly of the Bills. He was very productive last year and being that he has only had one real year of productivity he should not force the Miami Dolphins to break the bank. It also helps that signing him would hurt the Buffalo Bills.

Wide Receiver

Devante Parker. I initially had some doubts about this guy but after going back and looking at game tape of his I realized this guy is a stud. Drafting him in the first round would be worth it in every way. Put him opposite of Mike Wallace and keep Landry in the slot and the Miami Dolphins will be nothing short of dangerous. Just the thought of this would make Ryan Tannehill salivate. I would also draft Tre McBride from William and Mary. He is really solid, flashes on film and is not at all afraid of blocking. He is the kind of guy that 5 years from now some analyst will say the Phins stole in the 6th. Love this guy and he will come cheap. A good FA signing to round this position out would be Kenny Britt. He is tall, relatively fast and will come pretty cheap. He would instantly upgrade the Dolphins’ red zone packages.

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This is another position that would bring me to FA. I am going with Antonio Cromartie. He continues to get it done year after year and is old enough to where it would not dramatically hinder the progress of the younger DB’s like Will Davis and Jamar Taylor. He should also come at a good value. However I would make sure that his contract is heavy on the incentives and lighter on the guarantees, just to be safe. After that I would draft someone like Senquez Golson in the 5th. He doesn’t hinder the Phins as far as needing to reach and could develop into something special.

Tight End

This position first and foremost should have the Dolphins resigning Charles Clay. He already has a chemistry with Tannehill and would be great to bring back. I do not want to see him with the Bills. After resigning him the Miami Dolphins should go out and get Rob Housler, formerly of the Arizona Cardinals. He will come cheap and add some much needed height to the Dolphins’ TE stable.

Running Back

The Miami Dolphins should save money here and go with someone from the draft or an undrafted free agent. I would go for David Cobb here. He is a powerful runner they could get late in the draft and someone that could supplement the Dolphins’ already solid backfield stable. Damien Williams is a very good number two and Lamar Miller had an unheralded yet very solid season, not much work is needed here.


The Miami Dolphins should do what they have done well in the past and find a gem of a kicker in undrafted free agency. Not going to go into too much detail here because the honest truth is I don’t know who the Dolphins should sign here.

So to recap all of this after the moves the Dolphins have already made, I am resigning Charles Clay and for depth I am resigning Jason Trusnik and Michael Thomas. I am signing (after Suh): Da’Norris Searcy, Antonio Cromartie, Kenny Britt, and Rob Housler.  I am drafting Devante Parker in the first, Stephone Anthony in the second, Ali Marpet in the third, David Cobb in the fourth, Senquez Golson in the fifth, Tre McBride in the sixth, and BPA (best player available) in the seventh followed by a kicker in undrafted FA. I realize how many of my picks are reaches but when you believe you have your guys you pull the trigger. Winning the draft according to Mel Kiper is not what is important. What is important is actually winning the draft, just ask the Seahawks.

I hope you all enjoyed this and feel free to post your plan in the comments, I will make sure to look at them and comment on them. Please also post what you agree with and don’t agree with from my plan. Stay tuned as FA will be kicking off very soon, and that Dolfans is when the real fun starts.