Miami Dolphins Await Moore And Clay


The Miami Dolphins are still waiting to find out what the future for Charles Clay will be. Is he holding up the Buffalo Bills for a larger deal and more guaranteed money or is he waiting to see if the Dolphins will come up with a better offer? Either way both sides are waiting.

Then there is Matt Moore. Moore wants to return to the Miami Dolphins and there is interest from the Dolphins as well but for now both Clay and Moore are tied possibly to what Clay wants and what the Dolphins want to do. What we do know is that the Dolphins can ill afford to go into the season with no veteran back-up and while there are a few on the open market none of them warrant real consideration or faith should Ryan Tannehill go down with injury.

The value of Charles Clay to the team has been somewhat tempered after the signing of Jordan Cameron but the need for Clay is still there and the Dolphins do envision both Cameron and Clay on the field at the same time which would be a potent tight end duo. Clay is looking to make around $8 million a season but it’s unknown if the Bills will offer that much or if the rumors of that type of deal are in fact true.

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While the Dolphins wait on Clay they need to determine the value of Matt Moore. Both financially and to the team as the backup. Moore provides Miami with a back-up that already knows the system and can step in immediately should Tannehill go down. However Moore is looking like he wants to get more playing time and he won’t in Miami without an injury to Tannehill.

The Dolphins have money to spend and still work to do but their top two priorities right now are almost entirely out of their hands.