Miami Dolphins Departed Receivers Didn’t Like Tannehill


It will come not as a shock that a player leaves Miami and then word about their time in Miami becomes public knowledge. For the Miami Dolphins they are starting to see some of that as Omar Kelly of the Sun-Sentinel took to the radio to express his knowledge about the teams recently departed wide-receiver talent and starting quarterback Ryan Tannehill.

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According to Kelly the teams wide-outs simply did not like the QB.

"A chunk of the reasoning for parting with what amounted to 135 receptions in 2014 was because Tannehill apparently didn’t have an affable relationship with those departed wideouts, according to the Sun Sentinel’s Omar Kelly.“His receivers did not like him last year and they didn’t hide it,” Kelly said on WQAM’s Joe Rose Show Monday morning. “All the receivers that didn’t like him have been dumped except for Rishard Matthews. We’re getting to the point now where if you don’t like Ryan Tannehill you’ve got to go. And I understand that but there are players who are saying ‘we’re hitching our wagon to the wrong person.’“Ryan is a trending player — he’s the 14th best quarterback in the NFL. You have no other options. You need to ride him out until the wheels fall off because there are no other options to replace him, especially right now. But he needs to be a better leader and he’s working on that.”"

The thought of Tannehill being an issue isn’t a new one. Last season Brent Grimes’ wife Miko told the radio media that the team was split in the locker room and that many players didn’t think that Tannehill was best for the team. All of those players or most of them are now gone.

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It’s easy to look at the list of vacated wide-0uts and turn your attention to Mike Wallace and Brandon Gibson specifically. Wallace never felt as though he was being used correctly and it was obvious that he and Tannehill were unable to connect on the deep ball. Gibson was an afterthought to Tannehill in the passing game. Brian Hartline however was a player Tannehill tried to keep on the roster so it’s unknown if he felt the same as the other two.

One thing is for certain, Tannehill will have a new dynamic receiving corp next season and he does, as Kelly said, need to step up and take on that role of leader. Now not later.