Dolphins Dion Jordan Talks, Anyone Listen?


The Miami Dolphins will not have DE/LB Dion Jordan next season because of another suspension. If you have been under a rock the last 24 hours you may have missed the fact that he was suspended for the entire season due to a diluted sample drug screen. Today, through the NFLPA, Jordan released a statement.

"“I’m very disappointed that I will not be playing in the NFL in the 2015 season,” the statement reads. “Because of past positive tests and my status in the drug program, the consequence of dilute tests is severe. I deeply regret putting myself in this position, and I apologize to my teammates and the Dolphins organization. I will use the time away from playing to finish my college degree. I will stay in excellent physical shape and look forward to returning to the NFL as soon as possible. I’m deeply grateful to my family and friends for their continued support.”"

Lost in all of this is the question of why the sample was diluted in the first place. Did he sit it down in the sink to wash his hands and runoff got into the sample? I imagine he would have appealed that. Instead Jordan will not appeal the suspension which means the sample was diluted because he wanted it to be. There is no other explanation for that.

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Jordan needs to get the help he needs and hopefully going back to college doesn’t expose him to, well, things kids do in college. Over the next year Jordan will have to submit up to 10 sample drug tests to be eligible for reinstatement next year. There is also the subject of money.

The Dolphins will get a minor cap relief from this year. Jordan was due a just under $600,000.00 base salary and around $1.3 million in roster bonus money. That money will be credited back to the Dolphins. Another $3 million could be taken off the books if Miami can get Jordan to pay back that portion of his prorated signing bonus. That is if he is one, willing, and two, still has it.

The Dolphins options are very simple. They can release him and he will be free to sign wherever he wants if/when he is reinstated. They can hold on to his rights until next season and the see if he can make an impact, or they can designate him a June 1st cut and simply write it all off but spreading the money over this season and next.  Keeping him on the roster does nothing for Miami at this point. He does not take a roster spot since he is suspended and it has no true effect on the salary cap as it stands unless they release him.

It’s probably better to keep his rights and wait it out. They did it with a far better talent in Ricky Williams…several times.