Expectations For Miami Dolphins’ Ryan Tannehill


Coming into this 2015 NFL season, the Miami Dolphins will have a lot of expectations, mainly because of the rebuilt wide receiving core and the continued improvement of quarterback Ryan Tannehill. Through his first three years in the league, Tannehill has improved in every major statistical category. This past year was the biggest improvement he has made, passing for over 4,000 yards, 25 touchdowns, and completing over 65 percent of his passes. In terms of improvement, Tanneill has shown some of the most promise in the entire league.

The Dolphins, now, do not need promise. What they do need is production. While Tannehill did give solid production last year (he was a top 10 fantasy quarterback), it was not enough to get the Dolphins to the playoffs. What the Dolphins need this year to show that they in fact have improved is a playoff berth. Anything for the Dolphins is just not good enough.

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Joe Philbin and his coaching staff, aside for offensive coordinator Bill Lazor, has been there three seasons now and this fourth season is a make-or-break year for them. If they cannot produce at a high enough level to get to the playoffs, then Stephen Ross needs to start over once again, and a lot of this will fall on the shoulders of Tannehill.

In terms of carrying their team, Tannehill’s fellow quarterbacks from the 2012 draft class, Andrew Luck and Russell Wilson, both led their teams to 11-5 records and to the playoffs their rookie year. While it is hard to compare them all because of the talent around them, what is easy to compare is their overall records and playoff appearances, and Tannehill does not measure up yet.

Tannehill needs to prove this year that he can put a team on his back and take them to the playoffs. He needs to prove that he make everyone around him better instead of the opposite. Tannehill, in his three years in the league, has proven that he has to have the necessary weapons around him to be a good quarterback. What he needs to prove this year is that he can turn average wide receivers and tight ends into above average, or above average into good, or good into great, or great into elite, etc.

Entering this season, Tannehill has more talent around him than he has had in his previous three years. He finally has a complete receiving core that has a deep threat in Kenny Stills, a great slot in Jarvis Landry, a playmaker who can catch the ball over people in DeVante Parker, a veteran leader in Greg Jennings, a versatile backup in Rishard Matthews, and an athletic, seam-stretching tight end in Jordan Cameron.

Tannehill also has a good running game behind, with a 1,000 yard running back who averaged five yards a carry in Lamar Miller, a big versatile back who can do it all in rookie Jay Ajayi, and a third-down back who can catch the ball well in Damien Williams. So in terms of the running game, Tannehill has all he needs there as well.

“Tannehill needs to prove this year that he can put a team on his back and take them to the playoffs.”

When that is put all together, Tannehill’s expectation for himself and for the team should be a lot higher than previous years. Here are some solid expectations from Tannehill that he should be able to meet this year:

1. 4,300+ yards passing

2. 68 percent completion

3. 28+ passing touchdowns

4. 95+ quarterback rating

5. 12 or less turnovers (interceptions and fumbles)

6. 7.5+ yards per attempt

The two key stats for Tannehill should be objectives five and six. Tannehill has 14 turnovers last year when his interceptions and fumbles were combined. If Tannehill can keep the Dolphins on the field more and therefore give the offense more opportunities, then the Dolphins should be able to score more points this year.

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  • Also, by increasing his yards per attempt up from 6.9 to 7.5, it does a few things for the offense. First is it shortens the third down chances that the offense has. Shorter third downs means a better chance of converting them and therefore keeping the offense on the field longer. Increasing his yards per attempt also means will help his fourth quarter performance as well. Too many times last year Tannehill was dealing with second and long and third and long. If he can shorten those two downs, it should help him and the offense in the fourth quarter, and give them more opportunities to score more points.

    If Tannehill can keep on the track that he is on right, and with his work ethic there is no reason not to believe he can, then this Miami Dolphins offense should see a big jump in production and most likely wins, which is the only stat that matters in the NFL.