Dion Sims will not go unnoticed


First off, I would like to say a happy Memorial Day to all whom which it applies. I appreciate you and thank you for fighting for my freedoms, and to the families of those who serve I salute you as well. Most people spend their Memorial Day’s outside by a body of water. I also spent my Memorial Day by a body of water but that body of water is called my bathtub, which was awesome. While I was in my bath I set things up so that I could watch Miami Dolphin’s games from last year via Game Rewind. There was one person that I kept noticing, one person that kept prompting me to dry my hands and rewind the feed. That person is Miami Dolphins tight end Dion Sims.

Maybe I am the one late to the party but I feel like during the season I saw Sims make some plays but I didn’t really notice him. Now maybe I am looking for him more since he will be the tight end that Ryan Tannehill is most familiar with next year. He was making all kinds of catches. Specifically a good amount of touchdown catches, and tough catches. The first game I watched was against the Vikings where in the second quarter Sims caught and secured a pass while simultaneously being leveled to the ground, nobody would have blamed him for dropping this one, but instead he secured it and then got himself off the ground in a very business as usual fashion. In another play he reeled in a beautiful touchdown and showed off some of the advantages he and his rather large frame possess.

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In the win against the Jets he also made many great plays and more importantly many great plays in crucial moments. This was well documented and yet again leads me to believe that I was one of the ones who is late to the party on Sims. Being 6’4 265, Sims has always been a physical specimen at the TE position, and has always been a pretty good blocker. This year he has become a great blocker and has gained some serious consistency when it comes to his receiving. To put it into perspective from week 8 on he was targeted 25 times, he hauled in 21 of those. This may not even take into account any errant passes that he was targeted on, so that difference of 4 may not include any drops at all.

Dion Sims has always had the talent and the physical tools, it seems that last year he began to put it all together even in his limited opportunities. This upcoming year he should have a much bigger opportunity to showcase himself. This upcoming year, it will be very difficult for him to go unnoticed.