Dolphins’ Ndamukong Suh Impressive In No Contact OTA’s


The Miami Dolphins like what they have seen in $114 million defensive lineman Ndamukong Suh. Especially on the first day of team OTA’s that started yesterday. It’s been reported that he looks quick off the ball and fast to the back-field. Unable to be deterred by the offensive lineman trying to stop him. There is only on problem.

There is no contact!

If I have said it once I  have said it a million times, non-contact drills prove us nothing, they show us nothing. It’s about footwork and positioning. It’s about learning the playbook and individual assignments. It’s about conditioning. It’s not about contact. In fact, contact is prohibited by the NFL.

More from Dolphins News

"“That’s what he does, right?” center Mike Pouncey said, via Adam Beasley of the Miami Herald. “That’s why they gave him all that money. … He’s coming off that ball full speed every play. He’s a guy who really uses the snap count to his advantage. He gets off the ball really fast, and that’s part of his game.”"

While I am sure that Suh will quick and fast on Sundays, I’m more interested in seeing him in practice come the start of training camp when the South Florida heat is baring down hard. This isn’t August in the North, this is sticky humid Florida heat that makes little men out of the biggest men. I’m sure Suh will be fine but will he lose a step on rep number 10 as he gets acclimated? Of course the bigger question is whether or not there is a Miami offensive lineman who can stop him. Rep one or ten.

Here is another quote from Suh via the Miami Heralds’ Adam Beasley.

"“Whoever I line up next to, we always want to be somebody’s nightmare,” Suh said. “I’m a guy who’s always going to react, play off instincts. I think the best football players do that. I study the terminology in the classroom and when I’m at home. And, obviously, when I’m on the football field, if I hear something, I go with it. . . . Once I put my hand in the ground, it’s over.“I was just going out there and playing as hard and as fast as I can. If I’m going to make mistakes, I’m going to do it full speed. Especially being in the backfield, if I make mistakes. That’s what I was brought here for. That’s the way I know how to play, that’s the way I’ve been playing the last five years.”"