Heath Evans Vs. Omar Kelly: Twitter Round 1


The Miami Dolphins are conducting OTA’s and former Dolphins Heath Evans and local beat writer Omar Kelly have opted to go mano y mano on Twitter. It was a short entertaining joust between two polarizing personalties and while the banter between the two came up a little short of many other epic Twitter battles, this was at least a little fun to get through the day.

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The entire episode started of comments made by Evans regarding Ndamukong Suh. Evans called him a “selfish” player and referred to him as not team oriented. Kelly took that on the wrong side of the coin.

"“Listen, Suh’s reputation quietly is one of it’s all about him — he’s selfish,” Evans said. “He’s not that great of a team guy, he’s not a locker room guy, he’s kind of to himself.My feelings about the Dolphins paying him what they paid him, I took a beating from the Dolphins fans but the truth is the guy’s reputation speaks for itself,” Evans said on Miami local WQAM radio."

Omar has a show on WQAM so it was relayed to him what was said. Apparently he felt the need to say something about it. In all likelihood Omar received quite a few follower reactions and was put in a position to give his opinion on the matter.

Evan’s responded to Kelly via Twitter and that led to another response by Kelly.

Like I said the volley went back and forth and while there was nothing overly substantial Kelly was quick to stick up for Suh who admittedly said he didn’t know. What he was saying however was that Suh has done what the Dolphins have asked and that is a plus. He isn’t judging a player based on the opinions of others and due to fans getting stirred up over Evans’ comments, a former player who rarely has anything positive to say about the team, it was somewhat refreshing to see a local beat writer take Evans to task.

In the end like most Twitter escapades, it trickled away but it seems as though Kelly took round one pretty easily. Kelly has at times maintained a “gangsta” attitude on Twitter and it worked in his favor this time around. When it comes to Kelly you either like him or you don’t. For me, I respect him. It’s a tough job with little love. You put your opinion out there and you risk getting ridiculed for it. He is 100% right when he says you need thick skin to do his job, hell I need it to do this one.

Regardless of whether you are a Kelly fan or not, it’s nice to see him put Evans in his place.