Miami Dolphins Ndamukong Suh Still Leads Lion


The Miami Dolphins have a new defensive tackle, that just happens to be the best in the league. Or at least close to it. Ndamukong Suh has built a reputation for working out on his own during the off-season and the Dolphins are fine with that. They should be as his workouts have obviously paid off.

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In an article on, it’s pointed out that Suh continues to help mentor a back-up defensive lineman from the Detroit Lions. It’s a class move and one that the Dolphins will surely benefit from when Suh develops the in-season relationships with his fellow players. Take note Jordan Phillips.

2014 fifth round pick Caraun Reid began working out with Suh last year and has continued to do so this off-season. While the two are not attached to the hip during the off-season Suh is showing if only by example the routines he goes through during the off-season to stay in shape.

"“I mean, he’s the best at what he does,” Reid said. “He’s the best in the world for a really big reason: He takes everything seriously. He has a great regimen. On the field, he’s relentless. There’s no one way you can describe him. There’s no one attribute. He’s just all-around dominant, and he knows the game. He studies the game. He loves the game. So that’s what I learned from him, and try to emulate.”"

Whether or not the workouts with Suh and the game film study will help Reid become a top defensive tackle on the Lions team will not be known for a year or two but the fact that Suh who remains relatively private during the off-season is something that younger players like Phillips should embrace.

The argument will likely be made that Suh should be working out with Phillips this off-season instead of a former teammate. Working at building a bond and a relationship with a player he will play with and possibly next to this season. Relationships are not built however during OTA’s and mini-camps. That’s the feeling out phase. Training camp is where the bonds and friendships begin to take form and then the regular season makes the bonds stronger.

The Dolphins didn’t sign Suh to be a mentor but they will benefit from Suh’s leadership if only by example. With a little luck guys like Phillips and Francis might pick up things along the way and maybe next off-season they will be working out alongside Suh learning some of what makes him as good as he is.