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The birth of iTunes.

Finding Nemo and Matrix Reloaded were playing in movie theatres across the country.

And the last time the Miami Dolphins had two Pro Bowl Safeties, Sammy Knight and Brock Marion.

Fast forward 12 years and the Dolphins are hoping that they have finally found a safety combination that can impose their will on opposing players.  The Dolphins believe that Reshad Jones is the real deal, and they finally believe that Louis Delmas is the ideal partner.  However, the hidden truth in all of this, is that Delmas hasn’t or can’t stay healthy enough to determine what type of results can be achieved with these two.

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Last year, it wasn’t Delmas fault that he couldn’t play with Jones in the first four games, as Jones was suspended by the NFL for substance abuse issues.  It wasn’t until week 5 that the Dolphins finally saw a glimpse of what both Delmas and Jones can do on the field.

In all honestly, in Jones absence, Delmas played great.  Delmas roamed the field and respected everyone’s attention on the field.  Although, Delmas did not have any game changing plays, it was his presence on the field that caused opposing players to question cutting across the field.  Delmas most trusted asset is his ability to throw himself around and make plays, literally.  Delmas trust in his game so much that he doesn’t think about the repercussion of his actions.  This might explain why Delmas has not played a full season in the NFL.

Drafted in the 2nd round in the 2009 NFL draft, Delmas made an immediate impact on the field for the Detroit Lions, however, after 4 seasons without completing a full 16 game schedule, the Lions decided not to re-sign Delmas.

The Lions loss was the Dolphins gain.  Delmas was known and heard throughout all of training camp.  Delmas is player that runs his mouth.  This was something that the Dolphins have been lacking for a while.  In the NFL trash talking happens, but for Delmas to go out there every match and try to get in players head was all right by his teammates. Former Miami Dolphins Wide Receiver Mike Wallace stated the following:

“He’s always making noise,” Wallace said. “He keeps trying to come into the offensive huddle. We kick him out every single period. He brings a lot of energy. I love a guy like that out there on the field. I think guys feed off of that. We all know how he can play.”  


Now, all the Dolphins are hoping for is a healthy Louis Delmas.  After suffering yet another consecutive season ending on the Injured Reserve with a torn ACL, the Dolphins decided to re-sign him to another one year deal hoping that Delmas can not only recover from this injury but also do something he has never done, play a full season.

Kevin Coyle envision a secondary pairing of Delmas and Jones as one of the best in the league.  The only issue with this type of prediction is health.  Delmas needs to first fully recover (and with all reports stating he will be ready for training camp) from his injury to ensure he can play at the same level.  If Delmas doesn’t lose a step, then Coyle has every right to big up his safety combination.

Delmas has all the tools that you would want in a starting Free Safety.  His presence on the field demands respect.  Delmas only weakness is a mixture of his own strength…he gambles.  Delmas gambles do pay off, but there are times he is beaten by a double move to try and make an interception that causes the opposing player to become open.

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  • Delmas fluidity and shadowing are top notch, furthermore, his disguise within the line of scrimmage provides confusion to the quarterbacks pre set reads.  Additionally, Delmas is a Free Safety that loves to hit.  Which is a great asset in helping the run game, something we never saw from Chris Clemons.

    In all honesty, it is hard to predict what Delmas can do this season.  Will this be his first full 16 game schedule? If yes, then Delmas can definitely be in consideration for a Pro Ball season….but that is a big what if? Going on his 6th season, the Dolphins are hoping that their risk turns into everyone’s reward, however, I don’t share that same optimisms. I do hope that I am wrong.

    2015-2016 Projection:

    7 GP,  50 tckls, 1 INT, 1 Sack