Miami Dolphins Ryan Tannehill Lobbying For Mathis?


There is no question that the Miami Dolphins biggest question mark is at guard. The thought of paring center Mike Pouncey with two inexperienced guards is not something that signals an intent to win this season. Billy Turner appears to be ready to compete at right guard and rookie Jamil Douglas looks to have the penciled name at left guard. With questions surrounding the availability of Branden Albert at left tackle, Miami’s offensive line could be the teams Achille’s heel.

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Enter Ryan Tannehill. Maybe.

Tannehill has spent much of the last two years either racing away from would be tacklers or on his back. The AFC East has gotten stronger on the line of scrimmage, especially defensively which means the ability or lack thereof for Turner and Douglas could have a lasting imprint on this years record.

According to the agent for Evan Mathis, Drew Rosenhaus, the Dolphins starting quarterback may have gone to the team asking that they sign Mathis who is a free agent after being released by the Eagles. While Mathis is over the age of 30, 33 to be exact, he is one of the top five guards in the NFL.

On SportsXtra Rosenhaus said, “I even heard Tannehill went to the front office and asked them to add my client Evan Mathis to the team.”

Now for the grain of salt. Rosenhaus said late last week that as many as ten teams inquired about Mathis but nothing was moving on that front. He would a day or two later say again that he would not divulge the teams that are interested in Mathis. Now he changed his tune.

There are three ways to look at this. One, he is putting pressure on Miami to make a move for Mathis, two Tannehill did indeed ask the team, or three he using this as leverage to get another deal done with another team and by showing interest from the Dolphins to any degree could force another team to make a move.

Mathis wants to make around $5-6 million per season on what is expected to be a three year deal if and when he signs with someone. The Dolphins have been a rumored destination dating back to last season. Despite the fact that Mathis makes a lot of sense for Miami, the Dolphins seem reluctant to get into any official negotiations. It was reported last week by the Miami Herald that Miami, while interested, doesn’t want to get into a bidding war with themselves. Likely wanting to see what other teams may be offering first.

Regardless of whether the rumor is true or not it’s obvious that until Mathis signs with someone, the Dolphins are going to be linked.