Miami Dolphins at 50: Top 10 LBs

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Bob Matheson

Bob Matheson played 125 games and started 51 in six seasons as a Miami Dolphin after being selected with the 18th overall pick in the 1967 NFL Draft by the Cleveland Browns.

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Matheson joined the Dolphins in 1971 and played in every contest, but only starting in one. This would be a reoccurring theme for Matheson’s career until 1974 when he started in eight games. That total was the most starts for Matheson since his  sophomore season in 1968. He would start in 13 and 11 games the next two seasons.

Matheson earns this mention over the likes of Derrick Rodgers and Hugh Green because of his longevity with the team, putting together some solid seasons despite being a backup LB, and he picked off Kenny Stabler in the 1973 AFC Championship game. Clutch playoff performances always help.

Mandatory Credit:

Steve Towle

Despite a shorter tenure than most, it would be absolutely criminal to not even acknowledge Steve Towle. He played in between the Super Bowl days of the early 70’s and that of the early 80’s.

Lost in the shuffle of those championship caliber eras was Towle’s record setting 1976 season. Towle recorded 217 tackles during that campaign and was awarded team MVP. A linebacker has only been voted as the Dolphins Most Valuable Player four times placing Towle with some players that may appear on this list, and one that won’t (sorry Joey Porter).

So while Towle doesn’t have the longevity has some who made the list, he deserves a nod for a fantastic season and holding a record that still stands today.