Miami Dolphins talking with Evan Mathis?


Try as I may there is no way to just let go of the Evan Mathis talks. I have convinced myself that the Miami Dolphins are not in play or interested in the all-pro guard in part due to the $5.5 million a year deal he is seeking and in part due to the fact that it appears the Dolphins are confident in Jamil Douglas, Billy Turner, and Dallas Thomas.

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So when I try and stay away from this kind of talk, it seems inevitable that something will get brought up again and we are right back to where we have been for the better part of two seasons now. Talking about Evan Mathis. Make no mistake, the media and the fan base all see a need for Mathis but the latest talk comes from his agent Drew Rosenhaus.

Shortly after Beasley tweeted this, Omar Kelly joined in and said the same thing. On the surface it’s something that many fans want to believe but it’s impossible to fully trust the source on this one. Considering that it’s Rosenhaus who has a tendency to throw stuff out there.

Only two days ago it was reported that the New York Jets were interested in Mathis but not at the current asking price. The timing of Rosenhaus’ comments suggest that the agent could be trying to drum up other interest in his client to make a team like the Jets make a move on the player. In other words there is absolutely no reason to believe at this time that the Dolphins are having talks with Rosenhaus about Mathis joining the team.

Then again, maybe they are.

The first four practices have been not so kind to the offensive line but the one player who has looked at least somewhat capable is Jamil Douglas who is playing left guard where Mathis would slide into. If Mathis is signed do the Dolphins let Douglas learn from the number two spot or does he compete for the right guard spot? It’s an interesting situation. Make no mistake, Mathis would help the Dolphins offense especially given the uncertainty of timetable return for Branden Albert. Thus far Jason Fox in his place has not looked comfortable.

For now, it’s an end to Mathis talk once again but knowing the history here, we will likely be talking about him again in the next few days. Possibly as a player signed by another team.