Miami Dolphins Earl Mitchell takes on fullback role


The Miami Dolphins have been working hard the last week to get ready for the season. I have been playing the last week at Disney World. I know, I have been slacking. You can’t turn down a relatively free trip to the Magic Kingdom. Needless to say I am back and will be working hard to get this site back up to speed!

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While I was away, well driving home on Sunday, Dolphins’ defensive tackle Earl Mitchell got some work in as the teams new fullback. This according to Adam Beasley of the Miami Herald. The Dolphins rarely use the position and don’t have a true fullback in camp. In fact they haven’t had a true FB since Lousaka Polite. Over the past few years the job was held by versatile tight-end/h-back Charles Clay.

The Dolphins have been trying Mitchell out at the position since way back in mid-summer when the team conducted closed door practices, again according to Beasley. At the University of Arizona, Mitchell started the first two years on special teams and at fullback. On Sunday, he caught two passes in the flats. The irony is that he is catching passes and not just bowling his way into the defensive line like William “the refrigerator” Perry used to do during the Chicago Bears 1980’s teams.

It’s not likely going to be a position we see him play a lot of but you never know if the situation provides offensive coordinator Bill Lazor an opportunity we see Lazor reaching out to Kevin Coyle to borrow the 300 plus lineman to ramble into the end zone.

The Dolphins will travel to Carolina this week for joint practices with the Carolina Panthers ahead of their game this week in Charlotte. The team is expecting to introduce a no tolerance rule to fighting but this will be a good gauge of where the team is at heading into pre-season week two. Maybe they just might roll out a new Mitchell package for all to see.