5 Redskins Miami Dolphins need to handle

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The off-season is over and while the Miami Dolphins continue to shape their practice squad, they have a game a week from today. We are shifting in season mode and the Washington Redskins are on the agenda. The Dolphins will enter their first week on the road and three and a half point favorites.

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Washington is a team in flux and questions at quarterback has led to serious issues within the teams infrastructure. Robert Griffin, III has been technically benched in favor of Kirk Cousins and Colt McCoy has been relegated to the 2nd or 3rd spot. Hence the confusion as to who actually is sitting where. The Redskins are not expected to make much of an impact this season but it’s the NFL and anything can happen.

The Dolphins enter the 2015 with a lot of internal and external expectations. Opening the season on the road and winning is the first important step in heading into the season with confidence. The Dolphins need to start winning the games they are supposed to win and competing to win in the ones they are not. You steal a few of the ones you are not supposed to win but winning the ones you are increases your chances of making the post-season. Washington is a team that the Dolphins should beat.

Throughout the course of this next week we will have a lot of information on what the Dolphins can expect from the Redskins and what the fans should expect from the Dolphins. Ryan Tannehill’s popularity has never been higher and he is receiving national media attention. The irony of this game is the RGIII/Ryan Tannehill connection. Both players were selected in the 2012 NFL Draft. RGIII was taken 2nd overall behind Andrew Luck and Tannehill of course at pick eight.

There has been a lot of reports over the years that then head coach Mike Shannahan wanted to draft Tannehill but was overruled. Now, Tannehill is starting his 4th season with a new contract extension and RGIII is dealing with rumors of his future in Washington.

This weeks game will go a long way in providing Dolphins fans answers as to what they can expect this season. While the team might start a little sluggish given the long off-season and lack of quality time in pre-season, the Dolphins still expect to win. Here are five players that the Dolphins need to concern themselves with.