Miami Dolphins claim quarterback Logan Thomas


The Miami Dolphins have claimed former Arizona Cardinal quarterback Logan Thomas. The move is interesting because the Dolphins will have to put him on the 53 man roster as a waiver claim. NLF rules prohibit teams from claiming waived players and then putting them on the practice squad. Players claimed must stay on the roster for three weeks before they can be waived and then put on the practice squad.

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Confusing to say the least as the Dolphins didn’t need to have a back-up quarterback on the roster. The Dolphins have veteran Matt Moore but his shaky pre-season and this claim raises questions as to whether or not the Dolphins see him as a back-up now.

Miami will also have to release a player by 4:00 pm today to make room for him on the roster, or place a player on an injured list.

Drafted in the fourth round of the 2014 NFL Draft, Thomas has a lot of potential and upside. He is very athletic and possesses good skills but he is also raw and in Arizona, he couldn’t develop fast enough for the team to keep him. He was released yesterday after not showing much at all in pre-season.

The move is very odd given the Dolphins recent history of carrying only two quarterbacks into the season but making it even more odd is the fact that Thomas really hasn’t shown much to warrant a spot on an active roster. The Cardinals felt so highly about him that they traded for Eagles quarterback Matt Barkley only a few days ago making Thomas more than expendable.

Thomas is going to need a lot of coaching to get up to NFL standards and it’s not likely going to happen anytime soon which confounds the choice as well. Had this been a practice squad addition it would be a very good choice with little downside but the 53 man roster makes you wonder what Moore’s future is with the team and that too is confusing because Thomas is nowhere near ready to assume the back-up role.

Perhaps the Dolphins simply see a quarterback with a lot of potential and couldn’t pass it up. Thomas definitely has potential and the Cardinals may simply not have wanted to spend the time. The Dolphins may not mind it. Matt Moore is on a one year contract and the Dolphins may want to part ways with him after the season. If his play continues to fray like in the pre-season there won’t be a “might”.

UPDATE: there is rumblings that the Dolphins may be looking at Thomas as tight-end prospect. This will be something to monitor come practices.

UPDATE: updating our previous update, it’s being reported now that the Dolphins only have plans to use Thomas as a quarterback.