Ryan Tannehill Miami Dolphins weak link? So says a Jaguar blogger


It’s funny that someone would say that Miami Dolphins Ryan Tannehill is the teams weak link. It’s even funnier when it’s a Jacksonville Jaguar blogger. I mean, hello Chad Henne, Blake Bortles, to name two. Still that is exactly what our sister FanSided site Blackandteal.com blogger Luke Sims believes.

"“I’ll come right out and say it, I don’t believe in Ryan Tannehill.” The quote that opens his article. I would send you the link but we are having a bit of a competition on FanSided for web hits and frankly, I don’t want to send you over to my competition this week. You can click the B&T link above if you want to read it."

You know, I get it. I suppose. There has been a lot of hype surrounding Ryan Tannehill. From his large contract extension to the national media predicting that this is the season that he reaches elite status. Ryan Tannehill is an 8th overall draft pick who gets less coverage than the third string quarterback for the Washington Redskins. You know, Robert Griffin, III.

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Tannehill however isn’t a flashy quarterback. He never will be. He isn’t going to light up your team for 400 yards passing any more than he is going to likely throw for four touchdown passes in a game. He isn’t going to lead your fantasy football team to a championship and he isn’t going to take a team on his shoulders and drive them to the playoffs. Quarterbacks like that had names like Marino, Elway, Montana, and Favre. No, Tannehill is and likely never will be those types of quarterbacks. He can however be just as effective.

Tannehill’s best attributes are his intelligence. He is a cerebral quarterback who is a methodical thinker on the field. He understands defensive coverages and is learning them more and more each season. He is a game manager who is not likely going to make the big mistake. He can lead the team down the field late in the fourth or open the game with a long time consuming drive. His problems, like the entire Dolphins offense is they dry up in the red-zone.

In 2014 the Dolphins made it to the red-zone more than any other team in the NFL but when it came to scoring, they dropped more than half way down the list. If the Dolphins could put the ball into the end zone, Tannehill would be considered elite. Last week, once again, the Dolphins couldn’t punch it in when they had the chances, instead coming away with one touchdown out of four tries.

To say that Tannehill is the weakest link however is surprising. Especially considering the offensive line that is blocking for him. Or the weak linebacker group. I suppose if the offensive line played better then Tannehill could be exposed for who he is but Tannehill is playing very well for a quarterback who has been sacked more in the last three years than any other NFL quarterback in that same time frame.

If the Jaguars want to attack Tannehill on Sunday, they will first have to get to him, then make him throw bad balls, and take away what is becoming a quick release. Then they have to deal with his ability to run the read option, and then take away Lamar Miller as well. The best option is to get through the Oline and keep Tannehill on his back because if he is standing up he will pick the Jaguars apart little by little. It might not be pretty but it does the job.