Top 5 Jaguars the Miami Dolphins will face

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Sunday is week two for the Miami Dolphins and this weeks game against the Jacksonville Jaguars will provide the Dolphins a chance to open the season 2-0. The Dolphins have accomplished that feat twice in the last five seasons. In 2010 they opened with back to back wins against the Bills and Vikings before losing the next two. They followed the first four games alternating wins and losses before finally losing the final three of the season.

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In 2013 the Dolphins opened the season with three consecutive wins against the Browns, Colts, and Falcons. They then lost four in a row and eventually finished the season 8-8. The Dolphins have an opportunity to open strong this 2015 season. Jacksonville is a team that the Dolphins should beat and then they face tough division opponents in Buffalo and New York. Buffalo is at home in Miami while New York is a home game in London.

The Jaguars are a team that when looked at on the schedule is listed a “should win” game. That means that the Dolphins have better personnel and are supposed to be a better team. These are the games that can sink a season late in the year when you start looking back and realizing that one or two games is the difference between going home or moving on into the post-season. Losses to teams like the Jaguars would have a huge impact on that final end result.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying this is a must win game but in the NFL they are all for some reason or another a must win. Jacksonville is a team that the Dolphins must beat however. A loss could have lasting ramifications on a team that could quickly lose it’s confidence. A confidence they almost lost last week in Washington.

While the Jaguars as a complete team are not expected to be very good this year, currently ranking between 28 and 30 on most power polls, there are players that will give the Dolphins fits. Players Miami has to either account for or take care of in order to find success when the fourth quarter comes to an end. Here is a look at the top five players on the Jacksonville Jaguars that the Dolphins need to take care of.