Miami Dolphins bullied by Buffalo Bills


The Miami Dolphins should call the NFL league offices and file harassment charges against the Buffalo Bills. Today, the Bills put a Richie Incognito bullying on the home team Dolphins. It was ugly from the start and ugly at the end. Which by the way ended with the Bills putting up over 40 points on the Dolphins defense. No, sorry, Tyrod Taylor put up over 40 points on the Dolphins.

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The Dolphins offense took the field first and watched as Ryan Tannehill’s passes were dropped over and over again. They finished their first drive with a three and out. When the Bills took the field, they marched 70 yards in five plays to take the lead. A lead they would never come close to losing. Making matters worse was watching how well Richie Incognito played at left guard, all the while seeing how badly the Dolphins could use him.

Miami showed yet again their inability to wake up and play at a level higher than high-school. Both sides of the ball struggled. Ryan Tannehill spent more time on his back than any other player on the field. If he wasn’t being hit he was being tackled, and if he wasn’t being tackled he was being pressured. He threw three interceptions in the game and rarely had time to stand in the pocket. Often running for his life.

The Dolphins simply were not prepared to play yet again. The Dolphins were outperformed in every facet of the game and more importantly they were easily out coached. In fact to give you an idea of how much of a contrast in coaching there was today, late in the 3rd quarter with the Bills having the game securely in hand, cameras caught Bills coach Rex Ryan having a fit because a defender held on a third down play. Joe Philbin? Yeah, nothing.

By the time the game came to a screeching halt, the Dolphins managed to put 14 points on the board, failed twice late in the game from 1st and goal on four attempts each, and missed an extra point. All in all, the only player who played worth his weight was Richard Matthews who posted another 100 plus yard game.

We will have so much more on this game and the state of the Miami Dolphins tomorrow morning, for now, the game was simply to disgusting to talk about but I will say this, Stephen Ross needs to seriously consider firing his coach during the bye week.