Miami Dolphins need to fire Joe Philbin


The Miami Dolphins need to fire Joe Philbin. The Dolphins didn’t just lose on Sunday to the Buffalo Bills, they lost a lot of faith from their fanbase. I mean, if my own brother who has been a Joe Philbin supporter and apologist finally answers the question “do you still want Philbin” with a “NO”, something isn’t right.

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There are so many reason to get rid of this head coach. Forget the fact that he should have been canned after last season it’s obvious that his players don’t respect him enough to actually show up and play a game. Not one game, but three games. Sunday was not only disgusting but I highly doubt a college team would have lost to these Dolphins.

For starters, the team isn’t prepared. At all. They were not prepared on defense and they were not prepared on offense. The offensive line wasn’t prepared and the defensive line wasn’t prepared. Adult professionals or not, coaches need to get their teams ready to play and the Dolphins coaching staff, specifically Joe Philbin hasn’t done that.

This is such and ongoing issue since Philbin’s arrival. There is no emotion, a tremendous lack of effort, no enthusiasm, an undeniable inability to show urgency. They are lethargic, they are the walking dead. They are, exact emulations of their head coach.

The Dolphins offense is stagnant and unexciting. They are vanilla at best and one should point the finger directly at Bill Lazor but sadly, we don’t know if this is Bill Lazor’s choices or Joe Philbins’ directives to him. The Dolphins have lost ugly two games in a row and have looked bad all three. The offense, despite solid Ryan Tannehill stats over the first two weeks, hasn’t been a factor. Is this the problem of Bill Lazor? Is Bill Lazor having his legs cut beneath him?

Defensively there is little doubt that the issues are all shouldered by defensive coordinator Kevin Coyle. The defense is so poor that they can’t stop the run, can’t rush the passer, and their corners are so inept at stopping receivers they play almost 10 yards off the line of scrimmage. Is this a lack of talent or a lack of coaching? Let’s not forget that Coyle was supposed to be a top defensive backs coach in Cincinnati. Instead the Dolphins defense has been extremely inconsistent since Coyle’s arrival.

All of this begins and ends with Joe Philbin. He is a purely worthless coach who inspires no one and fans have simply lost any belief that he can right this early season sinking ship. The only question is whether he can survive a trip to London to face the Jets. The only question that is bigger is whether or not owner Stephen Ross can see the forest through the trees and pull the trigger to get rid of the head coach he openly supported only 10 months ago as the team headed into the off-season.

Despite huge additions on offense and defense, the Dolphins are no better than last season. Since beating the New York Jets in New York on December 1st, 2014, the Dolphins have won exactly two games. That’s two games in seven. They lost to Baltimore, New England, came from behind to beat the Minnesota Vikings (the game Ross declared Philbin would stay), lost to the Jets to cap the season and then beat Washington to open 2015.

That’s it. The games weren’t even close. Jacksonville beat Miami and the score was far closer on the scoreboard than the three points that separated them. Washington was a Jarvis Landry punt return stop from a victory, and Miami was embarrassed by the Jets, Patriots, and Ravens last year. This is not progress. This is failure.


Joe Philbin has been a failure since his arrival and has shown no signs of changing the way he operates this football team. Enough is finally enough. Stephen Ross, save your franchise, save the faith your fans have what little left there may be. Fire Joe Philbin because it’s too damn hard to watch this team do this every week. It’s bad enough to watch the team lose but they are getting beat. Physically, mentally, and in every other way a team can be beat. In fact, it doesn’t even look like the players care anymore.