Miami Dolphins fans heading to London: What you need to know

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The Miami Dolphins are not the only ones heading to London this weekend. Many stateside fans will be making the trek across the pond to watch the Dolphins take on the New York Jets this Sunday. For many it’s a first time visit to the U.K. and naturally there will be culture shocks along the way.

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The British are not much different than those of us in the United States but there are differences and it’s not just the accents. British culture was once a staple of early colonization of the United States prior to, you know, there being a United States. Over the centuries that have passed American’s have formed their own culture through a melting pot of foreign immigrants and travelers. But long ago there was a time when the upper Eastern United States was a British territory.

So you have decided to make the trip to London this year. What can you expect from our brothers and sisters across the Atlantic? What should you be aware of and what should you avoid? Here are some things that you need to know as you make your way to London ahead of the Dolphins game on Sunday.

There are differences in the way each country talks, what is considered to be rude, and what both countries eat. How well you understand some of these differences will help make your trip to the U.K. that much more enjoyable. So if you are going or simply are just curious, take a moment and run through the slides.

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