Miami Dolphins: need to know about Jets offense

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The Miami Dolphins are going to beat the New York Jets this weekend and this is everything you need to know about their offense. Yes, I did say they were going to beat them and honestly, I think they are going to beat them rather handily. The Jets are a developing team and there are still kinks in their offense.

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While Geno Smith has returned to practice it’s likely the Dolphins will face veteran quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick this week in London. How well Fitzpatrick can manipulate the Jets offense will go a long way into beating the Dolphins defense. I suspect the Dolphins defense is a little more than embarrassed right now and should step up their game ahead of the bye week. Most of the defenders are healthy which will be a plus.

The Jets are not going to wow anyone with a proficient passing attack as they are a more balanced team. New head coach Todd Bowles is taking his time getting his new offense and defense up to the standards that he expects. The Dolphins are no longer familiar to him personnel wise but that doesn’t mean he won’t game plan well enough to cause the coordinator fits. The Jets are going to have to maintain consistency on offense and can’t simply abandon the run if the Dolphins get a lead.

New York must remain deliberate in their approach on Sunday and find the weaknesses on the Dolphins defense and then consistently exploit them. There are more than enough right now if the team plays like last week. Of course if they do, and I don’t believe they will, Miami will look up at scoreboard similar to last weeks Buffalo embarrassment. Miami is going to need to keep the Jets in 3rd and long and then get off the field. Miami too often gives up the big plays on 3rd and long and keeping the offense on the field is going to be a huge victory.

Here is the positional information for the Jets that you need to watch for.

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