Dolphins Branden Albert out against Jets


The Miami Dolphins have made some poor personnel choices this season but Branden Albert could be their worst decision of all. He is out for this weeks game against the New York Jets. Not surprising.

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How is Albert’s hamstring injury a bad decision by the coaching staff? Well it goes back to training camp. On my Tuesday night internet radio show “On The FinSide” I spoke of this issue as the season approached. Should the Dolphins have sat Albert for the first few games of the season? My argument then was yes. The Dolphins faced four opponents to kick-0ff the season who they should have been able to beat without Albert in the lineup. We know that wasn’t the case now.

With Albert missing all of camp his knee wasn’t really the issue but his conditioning was. When I looked at the first four opponents it was my opinion that the Dolphins would be able to keep Albert on the bench allowing him more practice time to get fully healthy. I will admit that most of my concern was indeed his knee but it’s obvious now, just like the need for Albert over the first three games, that he isn’t ready to play and extra time may have eliminated the hamstring injury.

The Dolphins decided that his knee was good to go and that a rusty out of conditioned starting left tackle was by far better than his back-up Jason Fox. They were right about Fox but wrong about Albert’s situation. Albert will get at least another two weeks to get healthy and hindsight is always 20/20 for both myself and the team but one thing is certain, Albert was rusty in week one and has been out for the most part since.

The Jets defensive front is very good and Jason Fox is going to have his hands full yet again. He has failed against the Jaguars and the Bills and if the Dolphins are going to have any success this week, he has to step up his game.

Earlier this week Albert voiced his frustrations telling the Miami Herald that he is “very, very frustrated” right now. Hopefully his frustrations will subside after the teams week five bye.

The Dolphins signed Albert as a free agent prior at the onset of the 2014 free agency period. He missed half of last season with a complete ACL/MCL tear and the better part of the 2015 season with the hamstring injury. Albert has a history of back problems as well while with Kansas City but he hasn’t been healthy enough in Miami to see if that will eventually rear it’s ugly head.