Dolphins early reports point to no coaching changes


So the Miami Dolphins lost ugly for a third straight game and played a 4th ugly game in a row. While many if not most fans await word on Joe Philbin’s future it appears that if early reports prove correct there will be no coaching changes made during the bye week.

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According to several reports from the local Miami media, including this one from the Sun-Sentinel, Joe Philbin met with owner Stephen Ross after the game and said that the meeting “wen’t well”.  When asked if he was worried about his job after the game, Philbin said the following.

"“No, not at all,” he said. “I’m worried about getting this team straightened out fixed and getting our team ready to play the Tennessee Titans.”"

Philbin also met with Ross prior to the game where he was apparently reassured of his position. This according to an early report that sadly I can’t find the link to anymore. Regardless if the post-game conversation “went well” then it’s likely that Joe Philbin will have the rest of the season to depress Dolphins fans further.

Keeping Philbin is probably smart although highly unpopular. The Dolphins have no coaches on their staff that are capable of taking over interim duties. The most likely coach would be Kevin Coyle but Coyle’s not exactly a popular option either. Instead the Dolphins and Ross, who opted to keep Philbin despite a second consecutive 8-8 season in 2014 and another late season collapse, will likely have no choice but to let the season play out and live with the results.

The question is whether or not making no changes will sit well with the players who are understandably frustrated by coaching decisions. No changes most assuredly will not sit well with the Dolphins fan base. Of course they are the only ones without a choice in the matter. As fans wait to see if Philbin or Coyle will have their positions terminated it is looking as though that may not be the case.

It’s far from official and it’s very unlikely that Ross would walk into the teams locker room, talk to Philbin and say your fired immediately after the game, it’s worth noting because Ross is loyal to Joe Philbin having hired him three seasons ago and giving him his endorsement late last season. Perhaps that long flight over the pond back to the states will give him time to think about what is best for this team moving forward. Hopefully that means some kind of change.