Dolphins owner Stephen Ross avoids media after loss


It appears no one wants to talk about the Miami Dolphins today. Dolphins owner Stephen Ross did not speak with the media following today’s loss and that’s not a surprise given his likely contention towards the teams performance. It might be his smartest move yet.

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The decision of Ross does not mean that he is considering a coaching change. It’s more likely that he just doesn’t want to answer questions about the coaching situation. Heading into this weekend, the coaches were the headliners in media talk. Will Joe Philbin be gone if the Dolphins lose? Will Kevin Coyle? Who would take their place?

Across the board, national media has been speculating on the future of the coaching staff should the Dolphins lose another embarrassing game and they did. reported late last week that sources within the organization has stated that changes would be made if they did. Now it’s a waiting game.

Miami has a long trip home from London ahead of them. When they get home it’s unknown exactly when they will make their way to the training facility. Will Stephen Ross be waiting for them? Will he fly to Miami or will he fly back to New York and let the dust settle before making a decision?

It’s hard to predict what is going to happen after the team gets back to the states. It’s even harder to predict Stephen Ross. It was after all Ross who gave Philbin a glowing endorsement after last years come from behind win at home against the Minnesota Vikings. Most though Philbin would wait until the season ended and then make a decision. Instead, Philbin got one year added to his contract.

If Ross is ready to accept his own failure at Joe Philbin, and make no mistake Joe Philbin was Ross’ hire not Jeff Irelands, then we may find out as early as Monday or Tuesday. Of course he could opt to do nothing and let the season ride out and make a change at the end of the year. For now, he isn’t talking and that is probably the smartest thing he can do right now.