Is Dolphins Joe Philbin safe after another bad loss?


The Miami Dolphins lost again today and it was a miserable showing in London. Is Joe Philbin safe? The New York Jets played far better than Miami even with quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick looking horrible. The Dolphins for the four game in a row looked unprepared to play.

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It’s a common theme that needs to stop. Something has to give and that something should at minimum be head coach Joe Philbin.

Miami gave up an opening drive touchdown to the Jets and never smelled a lead the entire game. They were down 20-7 at halftime and despite moving the ball in the 2nd half failed to put the ball in the end zone when it mattered. When they had a chance to get back into the game.

So much blame goes into this loss. From defensive coordinator Kevin Coyle to the plays called by Bill Lazor and of course head coach Joe Philbin.

Who would replace him if the Dolphins owner does indeed can him during the bye week? Coyle would seem to be a choice but he should be fired as well. Bill Lazor is an option but it’s not like the offense is playing much better than the defense. His only saving grace is that he has an offensive line that sucks and calls plays that seem to be soft like his head coach.

The Dolphins will take a week off before coming back to face the Tennessee Titans but right now the Dolphins are not cohesive and they don’t even look as though they are playing at an NFL level. Today the defense again got gutted by an opposing teams running game.

Jet’s runner Chris Ivory posted 166 yards on the Dolphins defense and quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick put up 34. Conversely the Dolphins as a team didn’t reach 60 yards on the day. That sums up the Dolphins day in London. It will be a very long trip back home for the “home” team.

Questions surrounded Philbin’s future in Miami prior to this weekends game. It has been rumored that he and Coyle could be fired if the Dolphins got blown out. The Dolphins lost 27-14 today but the game really was not that close and the Jets squandered opportunities to widen that gap including a missed field goal that would have put the Jets over 30.

There is little doubt that this will be Joe Philbin’s last season in Miami barring a complete turnaround that seems so far from possible. Nothing the Dolphins are doing works and the players were starting to grumble internally prior to this week. A mid-week defensive meeting with Coyle resulted in nothing on the field this morning.

Whether Stephen Ross has seen enough remains to be seen but the Dolphins are looking like the absolute worst team in the league and have a lot of talent on both sides of the ball which makes this early season so profoundly disgusting. Watching the game today it was very clear that the defensive scheme is the biggest problem on that side of the ball. Offensively it’s the pace and play calling and that brings into question Bill Lazor’s future.

Lazor’s play calling is so soft that the Dolphins lack any innovation but is that the result of poor coaching on Lazor’s part or is he calling a game dictated by his head coach? The one big lacking issue on offense is the teams conservative play calling and that seems to be more a staple of Joe Philbin. We witnessed this same type of play calling with Mike Sherman and it appears to have carried over. That is the only saving grace I see for Lazor.

Regardless the Dolphins owner needs to do something. What is on the field is embarrassing and pathetic. Firing Philbin may not be in his immediate future but if Ross has any doubts he should at least know that without Philbin, the Dolphins couldn’t possibly play any worse. That alone should be enough to cost him his job.