Dolphins coaching issue’s latest news


Last night reported that Miami Dolphins owner Stephen Ross would make his decision today on Joe Philbin’s future. New news is beginning to surface via the Miami Herald. While the reports are not conflicting the latest does add another layer of speculation to this ordeal.

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According to Armando Salguero of the Miami Herald, Ross is considering firing Kevin Coyle and keeping Joe Philbin for the remainder of the season. The owner is expected to meet with Philbin this afternoon and discuss his future as well as the future of his coaches. Salguero also points out something that Kim Bokamper reported on his radio show post game regarding Stephen Ross.

Bokamper said that he was told Ross was livid in the owners box during the game and Salguero drove that point home today saying that he was told Ross, for the second week in a row but likely three weeks now, was completely embarrassed in front of his friends and business associates.

Something has to change.

Joe Philbin has final say in his coaching staff. That’s part of his contract. Two seasons ago Philbin almost quit after being forced to fire his long time mentor Mike Sherman as offensive coordinator. Philbin was extremely upset after that issue surfaced and after this past Sunday’s game he made it clear to the media during his post-game conference that Kevin Coyle was his defensive coordinator.

It will be interesting to see if Stephen Ross insists on Philbin firing his DC if Philbin will do it. If not, would Ross fire Philbin?

Nothing can be simple with the Miami Dolphins. The search for a new head coach following Tony Sparano’s firing was almost a circus. Here we are four seasons later and the Dolphins then interim head coach Todd Bowles, is notching a win against his former team as he now is the head coach for the Jets. Philbin wasn’t the only addition that was critically needled by the media and fan base. Two seasons ago the Dolphins attempts at landing a general manager was met with laughter.

And here we are again.

Whether Ross fires Philbin now or at the end of the season it’s all but a 100% certainty that the Dolphins will be facing yet another coaching change at seasons end. Firing Philbin now will at least give the team a head start on that search.