Dolphins Dan Campbell stresses “change in culture”


When Miami Dolphins interim head coach Dan Campbell took to the podium, it took him all of two minutes to stress the changes that would be forthcoming. Campbell stressed the importance of making the team more physical by approaching practice differently. He emphasized the need for a change in culture.

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Campbell wasted no time announcing that he would change just about everything that Joe Philbin had failed to build. By the time he was finished answering questions, a clear message was sent to the team. No longer would it be acceptable to go through the motions.

Throughout his press conference Campbell made it known that he believes in order for the team to be more physical on game day, they need to be more physical at practices as well. Specifically he pointed to winning the battles one on one in practice and made it clear that every single player needed to get prepared for Sunday’s by performing at that very same level. It would no longer be acceptable to not get physical in practice. At one point, he said that players may come to fighting, although he came up short of actually saying the word.

The Dolphins have been mired in more than mediocrity since Philbin’s arrival. Campbell thanked him for giving him a job but clearly made it known things would not remain the same. As head coach, Joe Philbin’s teams have been passive with little physicality. More finesse than fight. That apparently is going to change. Not overnight, but hopefully Campbell brings his mentality to the team and it starts to show sooner rather than later.

In a conference call with owner Stephen Ross, Ross was asked if Campbell would be a candidate for the permanent job in 2016 and Ross said absolutely. Ross said he spoke to several of Campbell’s former coaches including Bill Parcells. It played a large part in Ross handing the job to Campbell.

While it would seem that the promotion of Campbell is surprising it shouldn’t be if the dots are connected. Something I failed to do this morning. Dolphins football “czar” Mike Tannenbaum was mentored by Bill Parcells. Parcells worked with Campbell as a coach and a player. Connection complete. Bill Parcells still has his thumb in the Dolphins pie.

Campbell said it’s too early to answer questions regarding other coaches including both coordinators. He said that he needs time to look at different things first and examine what isn’t working. He stressed looking at the defense because he has been on the offensive side of things for so long. He also said that he only learned of the change in his status a few hours before the press conference. Yesterday he was a tight ends coach and today is an NFL head coach. Big change in one day.

What Campbell will do for the Dolphins is unknown but the team should start playing far more physical if Campbell can rub off on the team. He is well respected as a no-nonsense coach and that is exactly what the Dolphins need. Dan Campbell is about to kick this team in the pants.

You can watch the entire 21:00 minute press conference below.

"FULL VIDEO: The @MiamiDolphins promote tight ends coach Dan Campbell to interim coach.— 7 Sports Xtra (@7SportsXtra) October 5, 2015"