Dolphins fans reactions, how do you feel?


How do you feel about today’s Miami Dolphins news? What is your reaction to Joe Philbin being fired and the reports that Kevin Coyle is out the door as well? The Dolphins have scheduled a 1:30 press conference today and you can bet that NFL Network will cover the presser.

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First I will give you my initial reaction to the news. It needed to be done. Not in week four but on Black Monday of 2014. There was no reason for Philbin to be retained for the 2015 season and this news today confirms that. Joe Philbin is a really nice guy and that can’t be understated but he is not a head coach in the NFL.

Firing Joe Philbin does not solve the Dolphins problems. It doesn’t fix the offensive line, the linebackers, the cornerback situation or suddenly make the team capable of making a tackle. It does however eliminate the poor preparedness of this team. It also gives a slight glimmer of hope that owner Stephen Ross might get his second go around for a head coach right. Remember it wasn’t Ross who hired Sparano.

Kevin Coyle is another piece to this confusing puzzle and if the reports are true there is no reason to feel upset about it. Truth be told Coyle has no vision as a defensive coordinator and he lost his team. Not this year but last year as well.

There is no part of me that is upset about this move and frankly, the team has a better chance at success without Philbin and Coyle on the sidelines. Why? Because this team hasn’t been prepared for one single game this season. That is not to say that Dan Campbell is magic, to steal Joe Philbin’s words, “there is no magic potion”. But there is others who can relate to the players, that can inspire them, that can lead them. Philbin wasn’t it and while Campbell might not be, he surely can’t be any worse.

Changing coaches this early in the season is never something you wish for but in this case, it’s the only logical course of action. Here are some Twitter responses to the news and we would like to hear your thoughts in the comments below.