Miami Dolphins interim head coach possibilities

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With Miami Dolphins owner Stephen Ross likely to make a decision today or on Tuesday regarding the future of his head coach and possibly the teams coordinators, the question becomes who would take their place as the interim head coach? There are no clearly defined candidates for the position.

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If there is one thing we can say definitively about the Joe Philbin era is that not one of his staff has made a league wide impression for future jobs. Offensive coordinator Bill Lazor came to Miami as an up and coming offensive mind and a possible future head coach but his two years with Miami has left a little to be desired. Kevin Coyle moved to the defensive coordinator position after serving as the Cincinnati Bengals secondary coach and there is a good chance he will be looking for a job after this week.

Stephen Ross has a big decision to make. On one hand, he truly respects Joe Philbin and why wouldn’t he. Philbin is a very nice person. VERY nice. But nice doesn’t win football games and he can’t lead a team of professional football players. On the other hand, he stands to lose his fanbase for the remainder of the season if he keeps the status quo.

Making the decision worse is the fact that he has no one he can hand the team over to. Speculation has begun from beat writers that Philbin may look outside the organization for an unemployed former head coach who can use the year to begin work ahead of next season or at the very least use it to audition for the job permanently. The caveat to that is the NFL’s rules regarding minority interviews. If Ross is going to go outside, he needs to satisfy the Rooney Rule first.

The team is not devoid of talent but they are devoid of coaching candidates. At least immediate, logical, and experienced ones. Here is a look at how things might go and who might take over the interim job if in fact Joe Philbin is fired this week. Which better be sooner rather than later to give the next head coach as much time as possible.

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