What can Dolphins fans expect from Dan Campbell?


The Miami Dolphins have given the head coaching job to Dan Campbell. Albeit it’s an interim gig but changes should be seen immediately. What can fans expect from this change? With Kevin Coyle also out as defensive coordinator, change to the defense will also arrive. This however is about the teams new head coach.

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For starters, Dan Campbell is an unknown. He joined the club as an intern coach in 2010 and then in 2011 became the teams tight ends coach. That is the extent of his coaching resume. Yet for his lack of experience, it’s likely that he will allow his OC and DC free reign over calling their sides of the ball.

Campbell has 11 years experience as a player in the NFL and he relates very well to the players. During his time with the Dolphins he has become one of the more respected coaches on the team. He is an in your face type of coach and doesn’t hesitate to make his displeasure known. He is a no nonsense kind of coach. The players have shown a lot of respect for that kind of therapy because Campbell does it in a constructive manner.

The biggest questions will be how well Campbell can control the daily operations of the team. How will he handle player discipline? How will he reunify a team that is fractured on both sides of the ball. Can he get this team to play up to their talent level? All legitimate questions because he now has to deal with it all. From making travel schedules to menu choices. It’s all on his plate now.

For everything we have seen from Joe Philbin in three years and four games, Dan Campbell is the opposite. He is far more animated on the sideline and that will likely continue as the head coach. He has energy and can use that energy to get his team motivated, something Philbin could not do. While game adjustments will likely be left on the shoulders of the coordinators, Campbell isn’t likely going to accept mediocre play on the field. I wouldn’t be the least bit surprised to see him yank a player who isn’t putting forth the effort.

Practices will change a bit as Campbell will likely listen to the players who have recently complained about Joe Philbin’s practices. Will any of this translate to the field?

That’s a tough call. If the team hasn’t been playing to their potential deliberately then yes, we should see a lot more production on the field. If Kevin Coyle’s defensive schemes are simplified under the new DC then yes we should see something more and we will also find out exactly how stifled Bill Lazor was by Philbin. That is if he was at all.

Campbell isn’t going to simply try and motivate his players, he is going to do the same to his coaches as well. He will start that process today and will have two weeks to get the team ready for Tennessee. Campbell needs to use the bye week to his advantage and get everyone on his staff on the same page. Something that didn’t seem evident under Philbin.

So what should you expect? For starters, more physicality. Campbell doesn’t like soft play. Evidenced by his interactions during Hard Knocks in 2012. Look for the offense to be more aggressive and less passive. This goes along with being more physical. If Lazor has it in him, the offense should evolve over the next month. The team should be more fired up and emotional. Players emulate their coaches and Campbell is passionate and can get loud. It will take some time but the team should slowly start to emulate that demeanor.

What Campbell needs to do now however is to do his presser, go home, have a stiff drink and get ready for a lot of work ahead. He has an owner, coaches, players, and fans to impress.