Dolphins Kevin Coyle expected to learn fate today


Miami Dolphins new interim head coach Dan Campbell will make a decision on defensive coordinator Kevin Coyle. This according to a report on Albert Breer of the NFL Network. On Monday, Campbell told reporters that he would make a decision after he had a chance to settle into his new role.

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Breer noted that Mike Tannenbaum has told Campbell to handle his assistant coaches. One source within the team told the Miami Herald that Jim Schwartz name has been mentioned but to what degree is unknown.

Coyle is definitely on the hot seat and it’s hard to imagine that he has any chance of retaining his job. The players don’t like him or his schemes and he was confronted last week about his defensive system. Coyle changed portions of it last Sunday but clearly not enough.

In his three seasons and four games, Coyle has turned the Dolphins into a non-physical team. He preaches read and react defense that takes away the players talents and physicality forcing the defensive line to play what is called a 2-gap system whereby players are responsible for two gaps each, read what the offense is doing and then react to make a play. They haven’t reacted well.

Dan Campbell’s first job will be to decide Coyle’s future and it’s likely that any chance he has at keeping and maintaining the locker room will be to get rid of him. Miami’s linebacker coach Mark Duffner is a candidate to take over the defensive duties. Duffner is well liked within the locker room but there are serious questions to his linebackers underperforming this year.

In addition to Coyle, Campbell has to make a decision on offensive coordinator Bill Lazor. Lazor has been horrible with his play calls this season but some believe that to be more or less a Joe Philbin directive. It’s unknown if Lazor is calling his style of offense or Philbins but there has been a huge lack of aggressiveness from his selections.

During Monday’s press conference, Campbell made it very clear that the team needed to be far more physical and far more aggressive on both sides of the ball. This has given fans a smidgeon of hope that they will see more passes on 3rd and long instead of giving up to a poorly designed running play and then a punt.

Time may not be that long before we find out the future of both coordinators. Time will be long before we know if what Campbell is selling to his team is bought.