Jim Schwartz tells Dolphins “no thanks”


The Miami Dolphins reached out to Jim Schwartz according to a report on Twitter. Jim Schwartz said “no thank you.” Apparently content with waiting for another opportunity to be a head coach, the reaction of Dolphins fans should be, “does Kevin Coyle still have a job?”.

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It’s unknown officially as to what capacity the Dolphins spoke to Schwartz about but it was likely the defensive coordinator position. Unless they spoke to him before handing the interim head coaching job to Dan Campbell. So what is the status of Kevin Coyle?

The Dolphins have done this before, reaching out to another coach while the one he would replace still has a job. We all remember that one. It didn’t go over too well. This falls way short of that incident but it still asks the question that I just asked twice. Make it a 3rd. What is the status of Kevin Coyle?

We have to assume and yes I know what that means, that the Dolphins will be parting ways Coyle. They will need to decide on who will take his place. Mark Duffner the teams linebacker coach is one option and the most likely choice but if this report is true, it’s interesting that they went outside first. What confidence do they have in Duffner or any other defensive coach on staff? Not much apparently.

It’s hard to imagine, or maybe not, the Dolphins exploring the options available to them while Coyle is still the coach. If this is the plan then the announcement needs to come soon unless it’s already been made just not made public.

Dan Campbell is in a precarious position given the fact that his first duties as head coach may be to fire one of the teams coordinators. A coach who was much higher on the organization staff list than Campbell was 48 hours ago.

Whatever is going to happen will happen soon or it won’t happen at all. The Dolphins may be exploring other options at the coaching position but at this time of year, there isn’t a lot to choose from. Schwartz would have been a solid choice but his reasoning for staying where he is makes sense. In Miami he has a no-win situation in front of him. If he excels at fixing the problem it still wouldn’t guarantee him a head coaching position and if he fails, he can write one off.

In other Dolphins related news, Brandon Fields has signed with the New Orleans Saints. Good luck and congratulations!