Dolphins begin offensive shake-up add Al Saunders


Miami Dolphins interim head coach Dan Campbell is shaking up the offensive side of the ball and in doing so may have shed some light on the Jim Schwartz contact. For starters, Bill Lazor will remain the offensive coordinator but he is not going to be handling his duties entirelly alone. According to reports, Al Saunders is heading to Miami.

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Saunders, who has a history working with Lazor will serve as an offensive consultant who will help Lazor get the most out of this offense. In learning of Saunders addition, and this is only speculative, it would appear that perhaps it was in that same capacity that Miami reached out to Jim Schwartz on Tuesday.

Saunders has been coaching since 1970 and in the NFL since 1983 most recently as a senior offensive coach for the Raiders. He has three years head coaching experience in San Diego and has spent most of his career as an assistant head coach or an offensive coordinatory.

In addition to Saunders joing the staff, Campbell is making some changes with his coaching assignments as well.

Albert Breer reports that Campbell will shuffle his offensive coaching staff. Ben Johnson the assistant quarterback coach will move to Campbell’s old tight end job and wide receiver’s coach Ken O’Keefe will be reassigned as well although Breer did not mention where he would go.

If Campbell is making these moves on offense, it’s likely that he will address the defensive side of the ball as well where it could be argued as being a far bigger problem. For now, changes are coming and today those changes will start to take effect as the team reports for practice for the first time since Philbin was fired.