Dolphins open Campbell era as underdogs to Titans


The Miami Dolphins will play their first game of the Dan Campbell era…as short or as long as that will be…this Sunday against the Tennessee Titans. Miami will be a two point underdog heading into the game.

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Miami has been horrible this season thus far and it’s not surprising that even against the 1-4 Titans, that Miami is an underdog. Of course all of this matter for nothing if the Dolphins play the way they have the first four weeks of the season.

The Dolphins have been outscored 37-3 in the first quarter this year and that is something that has to change. Dan Campbell addressed the issue stating:

"“Two things have to happen: Either we have to get off to a fast start early or if you do end up a little bit behind, you have to stop the bleeding somehow, whether it’s on offense or defense,” Campbell said. “We can’t continue to live in the world we’ve been living in. That’s the bottom line.”"

The bottom line indeed. Miami has played poorly in every game this year including the opening win at Washington. Many expected the Redskins game to be that early season hiccup but instead it was a sign of what was to come.

Campbell is trying to instill a new culture into his team and that will take more than a bye week. Even if the Dolphins win this weekend, it changes nothing moving forward outside of getting back on the winning side. More importantly than simply winning will be how the team plays on the field.

A blowout will most assuredly let everyone know that nothing has changed. A close loss could potentially have the same consequences as a close win. The only way the Dolphins can actually put to rest some of the negativity is to have a convincing victory this Sunday and follow it up with another a week later.

Tennessee and Houston are two teams the Dolphins should be able to beat but the same was said about Jacksonville and the New York Jets. Both miserable losses. For fans to buy into the merchandise Campbell is selling, they will need to see it on the field first and then will need to see it again and again.

The Dolphins are in a big hole but it’s a hole that can be climbed out of. There is starting talent on this team but the margin for mistakes and injuries is extremely thin at this point. One mistake, one mishap, and the season can officially be written off.