Dolphins Dan Campbell didn’t let up


Had this been any other year in the last three, the Miami Dolphins would have sat on their 4th quarter lead but Sunday wasn’t one of those days and Dan Campbell didn’t let up. With a comfortable lead in the 4th quarter, Dan Campbell kept his offensive foot on the pedal and the Dolphins scored again late. They could have sat on the ball, controlled the clock, but this time around, they pushed forward.

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Campbell kept his promise of being aggressive. In fact, he was aggressive on both sides of the ball and he left Nashville with six sacks and five turnovers and 38 points on the board. The Dolphins didn’t just look like a different team, they were a different team.

Following the game on Sunday, Campbell told his players that this weeks practice would continue to be aggressive. He stood side by side with owner Stephen Ross and said that there was a lot he wanted to say but there wasn’t enough time. He said that the way the players played inspired him. “Don’t forget why were able to do what we did today” as he started his locker room speech. He specifically called out the inactive players that played on the scout teams last week.

Campbell was fired up on the sidelines and the emotion poured from his demeanor into the players on the sideline and on the field. This is one game and one game only. The Dolphins have had four interim head coaches in their history and Campbell was the first to notch a win in his first attempt. It’s a testament to how the players reacted to his coaching style.

More importantly the team looked prepared. There was a visual game plan and Bill Lazor through out some wrinkles we hadn’t seen but overall it came down to being aggressive on both sides of the ball and they were.

This week the Dolphins will face the Houston Texans, the only team in the NFL they have never beaten. A victory next Sunday will move the Dolphins back to .500 something that two weeks ago didn’t seem possible.

Campbell was given the game ball by Stephen Ross but it was easy to see that the entire team deserved one after Sunday’s win.