Miami Dolphins Thursday night weather report


The Miami Dolphins will not have to deal with snow tonight in Foxboro for their division game against the New England Patriots. In fact, they won’t deal with rain either. The Dolphins, who are back to .500 face the Patriots in a big game for Dolphins head coach Dan Campbell and the weather is clearly favoring the Dolphins.

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The weather for tonight’s game will start in the low 60’s as the team warms up but will decline into the mid-50’s as the game progresses. For New England that’s a heat wave. Winds will blow around 14 miles per hour throughout the game but that shouldn’t have much impact on the Dolphins passing game. No rain is forecast for the game.

The Dolphins are hoping to wear the Patriots defense out with a balanced attack of both passing and rushing and Lamar Miller is expected to get plenty of carries. While the wind could pick up from time to time it’s not a detriment to a Dolphins offense that rarely attempts the deep pass.

New England is favored by eight points heading into tonight and both teams are working on a short week although the Dolphins week is a bit shorter given the fact they have to travel.

By 11:00 p.m. just about the time the team’s head into the 4th quarter, the weather will drop to 51 degrees and the wind is expected to drop to around 12 mph. Rain is forecast throughout the early morning and early afternoon giving way to higher winds of around 20 mph but everything clears out ahead of the game giving way to partly cloudy skies and those clouds are expected to clear out by 11:00 as well.

The Dolphins are hoping to continue their physical change in play tonight and are hoping to leave Foxboro with not only an upset but their first victory in New England since 2008 when the Dolphins debuted the Wild Cat formation.