Fans not ready to give up on Dolphins Dan Campbell


The Miami Dolphins may be .500 under interim head coach Dan Campbell but Dolphins fans are not yet ready to throw in the towel. Earlier today we ran a poll, it’s below, to see where fan confidence is at now that the Dolphins have dropped two under the interim first time head coach.

Surprisingly, at least to me, there hasn’t been a ton of knee jerk reactions. In fact, as of this publication, fans are content to give the team over to Campbell allowing him to get his own players on the team. 327 votes have been cast in favor of Campbell getting the time he needs to turn the team around while 102 votes have been cast to fire him at seasons end.

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Fans have been all over the place when it comes to who is responsible for the teams failures but it appears that Campbell isn’t high on that list. Whether they support the notion that the mess belongs to Joe Philbin, or Dennis Hickey, or even Mike Tannenbaum, Dan Campbell has apparently won over his share of fans thus far.

Campbell may not have his team on the winning track but it can be argued that the Dolphins are playing far more physical than they have since the first four weeks of the season which inevitably led to Joe Philbin and Kevin Coyle’s firing. While we haven’t seen victory on the field for two games in a row, it can be argued that we are seeing exactly what some of the problems are.

The Dolphins lack noticeable talent on the offensive line and at the linebacker position. Not too far behind are the corners and safeties opposide Brent Grimes and Reshad Jones respectively. The Dolphins lack of depth at these key positions are creating opportunities for opposing teams.

If Dan Campbell is garnering the trust of the fanbase he may very well be garnering that same trust from the owner and the management team. The question becomes whether or not Campbell, if retained would make wholesale changes to his coaching staff. A staff that was never his to build. If Campbell is given more time and is allowed to hire his own coaches it will be interesting to see where this team goes.

We know that motivation will only take a team so far and Campbell lacks the experience that, all of the other coaches have. Campbell has only been a coach for four years.  On any level. That apparently, at least unofficially, hasn’t swayed our readers. Check out the poll yourself below.