Miami Dolphins November 14th history


As the Miami Dolphins head into Philadelphia this week to take on the Eagles, it’s a great time to remember a better time in Dolphins history. A moment that has gone unrivaled in the NFL since. November 14th, 1993.

The Dolphins entered Veterans Stadium way back in 1993 with Don Shula tied with George Halas for the most NFL coaching victories at 324. The Dolphins entered the game 6-2 in mid-November. The team was without Dan Marino who had ruptured his Achille’s tendon five weeks earlier in the 2nd quarter against the Browns.

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At the helm was back-up Scott Mitchell who had won three of his four previous games including the Browns game. Mitchell had been playing well and the Dolphins were early favorites for late post-season run. With a little over a minute gone at the start of the third quarter, Mitchell separated his shoulder and was out for the game. The Dolphins trailed 14-13.

Don Shula turned to WFL cast-off Doug Pederson who had never thrown a pass in the NFL. Miami rallied on two field goals and held the Eagles scoreless in the 2nd half giving Don Shula sole possession of the NFL record.

As the game wound down several players prepped the Gatorade ready to douse Shula on the sidelines, but they had a change of heart. Keith Sims, the Dolphins all-pro guard recalled the teams thinking.

"“A classy man,” guard Keith Sims said. “We looked at the Gatorade and said, ‘You know, we need to do a classy thing.’ ” So they hoisted him upon their shoulders. – via the Baltimore Sun"

It was the 2nd time Shula had been carried off a field. 22 years later the victory still stands as one of the best moments in Miami Dolphins history and was the finishing touch on Don Shula’s winning legacy. Shula would go on to win 22 more games before he retired, ending his career with 347 head coaching wins.

"“I was nervous the first two plays, and he just kind of settled me down and told me to do the things that I knew how to do,” Pederson said. “I just didn’t want to make the big mistake that cost us the game. He was so calm.” – via the Baltimore Sun."

Shula would later say that he never expected the record or being carried off the field. He said someday he would have time to sit back and relax and enjoy those moments. Shula retired in 1995 and has had plenty of time to think back on those memories. Today, we get to sit back and remember one of them.

November 14, 1993. 22 years to the day. Congratulations again, coach.