Dolphins to face returning Romo on Sunday


The Miami Dolphins, or at least the Dallas Cowboys will have little excuse come Sunday when Tony Romo lines up at quarterback. Romo has missed all but the first two games of the season but will back on Sunday. Cowboy’s coach Jason Garrett announced on Monday that Romo will start.

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There is no question that Dallas is a much better team with Romo at quarterback but how much better is the question. The Cowboys have problems all over the field but it became clear that quarterback is a vital part of their offense. Dallas could not get one win with Romo out.

Romo’s absence may tell a lot about the Cowboys team. Mainly the fact that Romo doesn’t play defense and the Cowboys have been beaten by teams that even without Romo they should have won. After losing Romo they still couldn’t beat a Saints team that can’t stop the pass and on Monday fired their defensive coordinator. They lost to a bad Seattle team, lost to an Eagles team that just lost to the Dolphins and on Sunday lost to the Tampa Bay buccaneers. That’s more than just a quarterback problem.

Romo is very good however and when he is on his game he can lift the Cowboys enough to compensate for the teams defensive struggles. In addition to Romo the Cowboys have been without Dez Bryant for most of the season. Bryant returned two weeks ago and the lack of QB play has hurt him statistically. That will change on Sunday.

How well Romo will play is a big question. He will have some rust to shake off but has been throwing in practice for two weeks. We all know that practice and games are two different situations. How will he be if he takes a big hit? That will be the task of the Dolphins defensive line and while they have been getting better pressure up front, they need to be more consistent with it.

The Dolphins are coming off a much-needed win against Philadelphia and are returning home for the first time in three weeks. In fact the Dolphins have only played two games at home this season thus far. Their 3rd home game was in London. The Dolphins have a back-ended schedule for home games. CEO Tom Garfinkel said that the team requested the first two weekends away from home in order to finalize some of the left over stadium renovation tasks ahead of the season. The NFL apparently gave them plenty of time to get it done.

Miami will play five of their last games in Miami. Had the season gone a little different who knows what would have happened with a strong schedule ahead of them. The Dolphins will face the Jets, Colts, Ravens, and Chargers in the immediate future and only the Jets have a winning record at 5-4. They will also face the New York Giants and Patriots to end the season.

For now it’s back home for Dallas.