Dolphins Campbell keeping his name out front


After this season is over the Miami Dolphins will go looking for a new head coach. Unless they don’t. Through five games as interim head coach, Dan Campebll is 3-2 which is by far better than his predecessor. That’s not to say Campbell has done an amazing job but he is taking the same talent Philbin has had for the last four years and turning them into something a little more, shall we say, prepared?

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While the Dolphins lost to both the Bills and Patriots under Campbell the team was far more prepared to play and let’s face it not having Cameron Wake and Ja’Wuan James surely didn’t help either side of the ball but those are the tasks that any coach will face. Dan Campbell has done a good job thus far but the season is far from over and the he has a lot of work to accomplish if he is going to be retained as the head coach moving forward.

The biggest name popping up on the rumor mill is New Orleans coach Sean Payton. Payton obviously hasn’t said one thing about leaving the Saints and he isn’t going to until the season is over and he is in contract talks with another team. The Saints have said they are not opposed to trading him and that is exactly what would have to happen for him to leave. The question of compensation will no doubt be a pivotal factor in him leaving. In addition, Payton himself has to agree to joining any team.

Another candidate could be Bengals OC Hugh Jackson. Jackson has head coaching experience while in Oakland in a very bad situation with the ownership. Naturally questions arise about his ability to actually coach a team from the head spot but he does have a solid history as an assistant and in Cincinnati he calls the plays for a productive offense. In addition he lets his quarterback audible. Something Ryan Tannehill is not allowed to do in Miami.

For now the focus is entirely on Campbell and how he and the team finishes the season will decide his future but for now, he is doing enough to keep his name firmly in discussions.