Dolphins lost season


Well, it wasn’t pretty. But then again, this whole season has been quite the nightmare. As fans of South Florida’s NFL franchise watched their beloved team get destroyed by their division rival—the New York Jets—Sunday at MetLife Stadium, many are left on the fence. How are we—loyal, faithful, dedicated fans—supposed to take this outcome?

The Dolphins are currently 4-7, and a playoff berth, although mathematically possible, is highly unlikely. So, should Miami fans do what we do so well? Should we cheer and hope our team pulls out a victory every game, adding some resurgence to a dismal season? Or, should we (without admitting to anyone, of course) cheer for the Dolphins to lose?

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It sounds like it would be a simple question to answer: hope the Dolphins clobber every opponent left on their schedule. But put your jersey back on the rack, remove the flags from your car, and wipe off that silly face-paint for a moment. Let’s look deeper, shall we?

We are 11 games into the season and this Miami Dolphins football team has yet to find consistency, or anything they’re actually good at. There’s not one area of strength for this football team. Instead, this team is littered with weakness. There’s absolutely no way, on God’s green earth, that I can see this football team come together and go on a winning streak. There’s no such thing as a magic button that’s going to fix all of your problems. Realistically, they’re done. Count them out of the playoffs for the eighth straight season.

If the Dolphins continue to tread on this journey of mediocrity the rest of the season, they’ll finish exactly where they’ve been for the fourth straight year—somewhere in the middle of next year’s draft. This is exactly what Miami can’t afford to happen. There are too many holes in this football team. The Dolphins need as much help as they can get. They need to somehow creep themselves into the top of the draft. And, unfortunately, the only logical way of doing so is by losing.

I know it sounds a little crazy to want your favorite football team to lose, but let’s stop kidding ourselves. The Dolphins aren’t a very good football team. Truthfully, I think they’re below average. I know it’s not easy. I know it’s hard. But sometimes the truth hurts.

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  • Remember in high school when you asked out the homecoming queen and she laughed in your face? Looking back at it, it made you a better person. I mean, what did you expect? You were overweight, had a mouthful of metal, and a mask of pimples. But you learned from the embarrassment. You shed off the extra pounds; you got your teeth right; and your sister married a dermatologist—you fixed the problem. And then you, yes, you, got the last laugh when you went back to your hometown for the holidays and ran into Ms. Homecoming Queen, who now rocked cornrows, was pushing three-hundred pounds, and had five shots of whatever flavored vodka was on special.

    If the Dolphins would like to become better, they too must learn from their embarrassment. They must learn from their mistakes and do anything they can to become a better football team. And the only way this is going to happen is by building this team through the draft. No more making splashes and throwing away all of your money on a couple of players.

    Ask yourself this: is it better to sacrifice a few bad years in order to be relevant again in the future? Because right now, what the Dolphins are doing is not working. Aren’t we tired of being disappointed after being over-hyped every offseason? Maybe if the expectations weren’t so high the Dolphins wouldn’t have such anxiety. Miami needs a complete overhaul. They need a new coach to change the culture and direction of this football team.

    Sometimes projects take a while to build. If the result is a contender that is consistently making the playoffs, I’m on board. I got my hard-hat, tools, and my boots on. Let’s tear this thing down and start from the ground up.