Dolphins to give Ryan Tannehill more power


When it comes to Miami Dolphins quarterback Ryan Tannehill, there is a checklist of excuses many go through to defend him. We can remove one of those excuses now.

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According to Dan Campbell, Tannehill will start having far more say in-game planning and will be allowed to change things at the line of scrimmage. In other words, he can audible. In the past he has not been allowed to do that. Bill Lazor sent two plays into the huddle. A primary and secondary. If the defense lined up to defend them, Tannehill could do nothing but duck and cover.

The Dolphins fired Lazor on Monday and while this isn’t surprising by any means, the fact it comes so late in the season is a bit surprising. Zac Taylor, Tannehill’s quarterback coach will call the offensive plays. The team will have no “offensive coordinator” per se.

Is it possible that Tannehill could help his offensive line by having more options available to him at the line? He may. Consider that if a defense is in position to defend what the Dolphins are calling and Tannehill is unable to change that play then it’s safe to say that the lineman are not in a very good position either. O.k. yes, that’s a stretch but we might see stronger play from the line if their assignments are more favorable.

Another Tannehill issue has been the lack of running and rolling out of the pocket. That too may change according to Campbell. Tannehill is a much better quarterback when on the move than he is in the pocket flat-footed. More accurate too. Moving Tannehill around has produced big plays and that is something Miami needs from their offense.

"“There’s things that we’re going to be able to do, that we are going to do,” Campbell said via the Miami Herald. “We’re not going to live in that world, but we have a few plays where Ryan’s going to have the luxury to get us to the best option available.”"

Tannehill wouldn’t throw his former OC under the bus but many in the media noticed a change in his demeanor and a little more excitement. Many believe that Tannehill has been hand-cuffed by Lazor, Philbin, and Mike Sherman, despite the fact everyone believed Lazor’s arrival would open the offense. It didn’t have the expected effect.

While Tannehill appeared to be a little more relieved he did take ownership of the offenses struggles.

"“I think if coordinators are getting fired then, … to some extent, players are not getting it done,” Tannehill said. “I think Bill had some good stuff, had a good offense and ultimately we weren’t getting it done on the field.”"

Through all this two positions are going to benefit more. Tannehill and the running backs. Miami has passed far more than they have run this year and Lamar Miller and Jay Ajayi need to get momentum early to finish strong late. That too will change with Lazor now gone. Whether any of this has the desired effect they are hoping for won’t be known until after the season.