Dolphins want Campbell back but can’t prove it


The Miami Dolphins players want Dan Campbell back as the head coach in 2016. They are saying it privately and publicly. They just aren’t playing like it.

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According to a Miami Herald article, several players are eyeing the front door for an exit out of Miami. All the while players are hoping that Campbell stays as the head coach. Apparently they are vocal about this. The problem however lies on the field.

The Dolphins rallied for two games when Campbell took over the team and have since fallen back into mediocrity. Funny way of showing you want the man to stay. If the players want the coach so bad then maybe they should put it out on the field so that Stephen Ross can see it with his own eyes instead of lip service in the locker room.

The Herald says that the week, this week, started off bad with the players obviously tuned out and ready for the season to end. Another great way to show the coach you support him. No one expected this misery this season but it’s here and the only ones who control it are the players on the field.

While I have long been a supporter of Campbell to return next season this informatin makes me question that more than I have. If the players can’t get themselves up to play for his job then how do you justify bringing him back for another season? Let’s face it they didn’t look like they wanted to play against the Jets let alone prepared for it.

This season so reminds me of the movie Varsity Blues. The team revolts against the coach and the players take over the coaching. So now we have ex-players coaching and coaches with no experience or little experience trying to rally a bunch of grown men to play a game they have played all their lives. And for some reason, I get the feeling like at some point over the next four weeks the Dolphins are going to win a big emotional game and Stephen Ross is going to bust into the locker room proclaiming the entire coaching staff will be back next season.

This is not to say they shouldn’t be considered, only that this team appears to have thrown in the towel. Today will be a big test of their character.