With Dolphins off Sunday 5 NFL games to watch


The Miami Dolphins won’t play until Monday night but there are other NFL games to watch on Sunday.

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The Dolphins will take on the New York Giants leaving Sunday open for whatever you feel like getting done. More Christmas shopping? Yard work? Other lists of things you have been putting off perhaps? Or you could sit back and enjoy a stress free afternoon of NFL football. Here is a look at five games that should be pretty good.

Atlanta and Carolina

The undefeated Carolina Panthers are looking very strong and have a legit shot at finishing the season perfect. The Atlanta Falcons? Not so much. Still these are always tough contests between the two clubs and Atlanta would like nothing more than to knock the Panthers off their perch. Doing it in Charlotte would be even better for the Falcons.

Pittsburgh and Cincinnati

The Bengals hold the top seed in the AFC and the Steelers are clinging to a Wild Card spot. This is playoff football in December. The Steelers offense has come on strong as of late and their defense is getting better each week as well. The Bengals on the other hand are one of the best teams in the AFC but they can be inconsistent from game to game. The rivalry here may not be as strong as Pittsburgh vs. Cleveland but this is a very good match-up that is a pick-em type game.

Indianapolis and Jacksonville

The Colts are playing for the AFC South division title and hold only a tie-breaker against the Texans. The Jaguars are playing for pride. Throughout the year the Jaguars have been far more relevant than they have the last ten years and they are giving other teams fits on both sides of the ball. While the game itself doesn’t seem to be an entertaining one, it could be fun game to watch nonetheless.

Buffalo and Philadelphia

The Bills need a win to stay in the playoff chase and the Eagles need a win to stay tied at the top of the NFC East. The biggest story however is not the post-season but the return of LeSean McCoy to Philadelphia. And he is pissed. McCoy has been talking all week about this return and wants nothing more to shove a loss down the throat of Chip Kelly. This has the makings of a very physical game.

Oakland and Denver

The two division rivals in the AFC West will face off in one of the late games and it could be a very good late afternoon event. The Raiders are trying to make the post-season and the Broncos are trying to hold on to their bye week. Peyton Manning isn’t back yet but the Broncos have played very well with Brock Osweiler at the helm. It will be interesting what the Broncos do when Manning returns.