Dolphins have a chance to honor past with a win


With the Dolphins celebrating their 50th anniversary, this year’s team has the chance to make it even more special with a victory over the New York Giants.

Tonight, while all eyes are on the Miami Dolphins hosting the New York Giants on Monday Night Football, viewers will witness two underachieving football teams. After tonight, however, one of these two football teams will gain a little more confidence with a win—restoring any little hope they have left to make a late playoff run. In contrast, the team on the losing end will walk away hopeless, left hanging on for dear life as their season makes its way down the drain.

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In American sports, the result of a game played between two teams usually produces a winner and a loser. From an early age you’re taught how to strive to win. This couldn’t be truer for the Miami Dolphins.

However, tonight under the bright lights and nostalgia that makes up Monday Night Football, America gets the opportunity to not only watch one meager football game, but also a game that honors one of the country’s most historic franchises. Tonight, we pay homage to Joe Robbie, Don Shula, and Dan Marino. We pay our respects to the perfect season, the “no-name” defense, and the aqua and orange. Tonight we reminisce about the good times: playing at the Orange Bowl, the Mark’s brothers, and Danny boy methodically picking apart defenses with an arm that mirrored something from outer-space.

Tonight, we celebrate 50 years of love and passion; we remember the good times, the bad times, and the most “perfect” of times. Tonight, we celebrate the Miami Dolphins.

To honor this historic franchise, in tonight’s game, this year’s Miami Dolphins will dawn a rendition of the uniforms the team wore in its inaugural season in 1966; Sun Life Stadium will be reverted back to the mid-1960’s with the old logo at the 50 yard-line and the end zones painted orange with an argyle pattern; and, more importantly, at halftime, Miami will celebrate the Dolphins and their history in South Florida.

We all know that in the NFL, no matter who your beloved team is, you grow accustomed to the fact that every year will have its ups and downs. But make no mistake about it: the biggest gift this franchise can get is a win for the Dolphins.

Festivities aside, the pressure is on this year’s team. Like the 1972 season, it’s this years Dolphins that have a chance to make tonight “perfect.” With a victory, not only does Miami keep their slim playoff hopes viable, but it commemorates what the Dolphins used to be about: winning.

There’s no doubt about it: the Miami Dolphins are, once again, having a lousy season. But perhaps we can for one night put our anger and frustration to the side and celebrate one of the most storied franchises in all of sports: the Miami Dolphins.

They deserve it.