NFL week 15 predictions


Two games this week are in the books as we take a look at the predictions for week 15 in the NFL.

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The NFL is three weekends from moving on to the post-season and the rest of the teams that don’t make it, to the off-season. The Dolphins are one of those teams. The only “now” left for the Dolphins is the wins that might count towards Dan Campbell staying on as the teams head coach. Personally, I think he needs a few more years in the trenches but we all know the Dolphins don’t always follow the path of common sense.

This week we have 14 games on the table because I forgot one was on Saturday night. See what the holiday’s can do to you!

Miami @ San Diego

The Dolphins are not in the playoffs. The Chargers are not in the playoffs. A win here could cost the Dolphins three to five draft positions but it could also play into whether Dan Campbell remains the head coach. San Diego isn’t playing for anything but it could be the last game they play in San Diego.

Miami 28 – Chargers 16

Chiefs @ Ravens

The Chiefs are in the thick of the playoff chase and the Ravens would like nothing better to help them stay home. They won’t.

Chiefs 32 – Ravens 13

Texans @ Colts

This game is intriguing because both teams have no quarterback right now and neither team is above .500 but the winner of this game very well will become the division winner. Imagine that.

Texans 24 – Colts 21

Atlanta @ Jacksonville

The Falcons have become a bad team and the Jaguars are starting to become a good team. Blake Bortles is playing better than Matty-Ice. Hmmmmmm. Falcons have Devonte Freeman.

Atlanta 28 – Jaguars 26

Bears @ Vikings

The Vikings  have slim hopes the Bears have none but this inter-divisional game is alway tough and both John Fox and Mike Zimmer will have their teams ready to play.

Vikings 30 – Bears 24

Tennessee @ New England

The Patriots ended their two game slide last week and the Titans are not going to present the Patriots with anything more than a road bump on their way to the post-season. This game could be ugly.

Patriots 44 – Titans 23

Panthers @ Giants

The Giants are no strangers to knocking off the undefeated teams in the NFL. Earlier this year they almost beat the Patritos while the Patriots were healthy. The Panthers are saying all the right things and making all the right plays but this isn’t simply a game between a good team and a bad team. The Giants are still hoping to win the division but a loss today and they won’t.

Panthers 38 – Giants 24

Buffalo @ Washington

The Redskins have loose hold on the NFC East and while the Cowboys have finally given up the Giants and Eagles are tied with them so today’s games could shake the tree a bit more heading into the final two weekends.

Redskins 23 – Bills 20

Packers @ Oakland

Oakland isn’t a slouch anymore and the Packers are not the high-powered team we expected. Instead they have struggled with almost everyone they have played this year. The Raiders have a good defense which will give Aaron Rodgers fits all day. It’s still the Packers.

Packers 32 – Oakland 27

Cleveland @ Seattle

The Browns have a long flight to the northern West coast. The ride home will be a lot longer.

Seattle 45 – Browns 13

Denver @ Pittsburgh

The Broncos keep finding ways to win with Brock Osweiler and the Steelers keep finding ways to hold on to the hopes of getting into the playoffs. The Steelers despite being on the cusp and looking in can earn a spot if they win out regardless of what the rest of the league does. This could be the best game of the day.

Steelers 34 – Broncos 31

Bengals @ 49’ers

In any other week this would be a vacation trip to the West coast for the Bengals. Instead they will be getting their first real look at their new quarterback after Andy Dalton was lost last week until late in the post-season. The Bengals were playing very well with Dalton. Can they without him against the 49’ers?

Bengals 21 – 49’ers 14

Cardinals @ Eagles

The Eagles think they can make the playoffs but the Cardinals need to stay in the post-season “bye” chase. The Eagles are tied in the NFC East but by virtue of a tiebreakers are actually in 2nd behind the Redskins. The Eagles get the privilege of knowing what the other teams have done by the time this Sunday night game rolls around.

Cardinals 28 – Eagles 27

Lions @ Saints

The biggest question here is will anyone that is not playing in their fantasy football playoffs watch this game?

Saints 30 – Lions 24