Is this worst team in Dolphins history?


The Miami Dolphins are now 5-9 and looking at a losing season. While they are four games better than the 2007 team that went 1-15 could this Miami Dolphins squad be the worst in team history?

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If it is then the irony is obviously connected to the 50th anniversary of the team. The Dolphins greatest accomplishment was back in 1972 and even that long standing perfect season could get company with the Carolina Panthers. The Dolphins are a mess right now and that starts in the front office and pours like a broken dam down to the team.

We can dismiss most of the seasons that initiated the franchise. The teams from the late 1960’s barely won five games in a single season but they were an expansion team. In 2011 the Dolphins under Tony Sparano lost their first seven games but rallied to finish the season 6-10 after Sparano was fired. The obvious connection there was coaching. Or lack thereof.

In 2004 the Dolphins won one game in their first nine leading to the resignation of Dave Wannstedt. The team managed to pull out three more wins to close the season. In team history, the Dolphins have finished with a losing record 13 times. Of those 13, four came in the first four seasons. Miami has finished 6-10 four times, 7-9 three times, and the other two we covered. Miami has finished at .500 seven times in its history. Taking away the first four seasons and Miami has had only 16 seasons at or below .500.

When talking about the worst teams in history the bench mark is 2007 when the team won only one game on their way to a one-and-done Cam Cameron exit. That team however was far less talented than the one the Dolphins fielded this season. In fact expectations were extremely low in 2007.

In that 2007 season Miami started three quarterbacks. Cleo Lemon, Trent Green, and John Beck. Their leading rusher was Jesse Chatman with Ronnie Brown second. Ted Ginn, Jr. and Patrick Cobb led the team in receiving and the hero of the lone victory, Greg Camarillo was the lowest ranked receiver on that team.

Defensively the team should have been better with Channing Crowder, Joey Porter, Jason Allen, and Jason Taylor leading the team in tackles. But here is the rub on that season when compared to this years team. The 2007 team competed. At least on defense.

The Dolphins lost by three points six times in 2007. They scored more than 20 points six times. They were blown out, by more than 14 points, five times. In most of the game Miami played that year, with a horrible offensive team, Miami was in almost all of their games. In fact they scored less than 10 points three times all season.

The 2015 team is loaded with talent on both sides of the ball. In fact it could be argued that this years team is the most talented in the last five years. While there are holes on defense and a few positions that are severely lacking quality depth the Dolphins have a core built for success. And a lot of money invested.

So how bad is this team compared to the 2007 team? This year the Dolphins have been lost by more than 14 points only four times. Two others they lost by 13. Against the Jets they were down 21-7 until late in the 4th quarter when they scored two touchdowns but the Jets scored 17 in the 4th.

In all of their games this season, the Dolphins lowest margin of loss was three points to the Jaguars in week 2. Two of their wins were by one point over Philadelphia and two points over the Ravens. Impressive right?

When fans look back on the teams history the 2007 season is a sore thumb that stands out. It’s that X-mas that you didn’t get the present you wanted. 2015 is the season that X-mas simply didn’t come.

The Dolphins were believed to be contenders this year. For the playoffs and for the division. Adding to the misery is the fact that Miami opened against teams with young inexperienced quarterbacks or Ryan Fitzpatrick. The first true signal caller they faced was Tom Brady in week seven.

Miami was out-coached in almost every single game this year and their two lopsided victories came immediately after the firing of Joe Philbin and Kevin Coyle. Add to that the fact Miami would close out the season with five of six games at home and the season had set itself up well for the Dolphins in January.

Now, the Dolphins will be heading up yet another coaching search. 2007 was bad but the expectations were low. 2015 is horrible and expectations were extremely high. You tell me which was the worst season for the Dolphins?