Miko Grimes tirades becoming boring


Miami Dolphins cornerback Brent Grimes has had a season that is a little less than fans expected. His wife Miko Grimes has been one of the more entertaining figures off the field. Now it’s growing tiresome and boring.

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Throughout Sunday’s game against the Colts, Miko took to ranting on Twitter. Some directed at the local media and much directed at the team. Specifically Ryan Tannehill. Miko has never been a fan of Tannehill’s and you can go back to the problems in the locker room when Mike Wallace was still here. Miko said then that there were plenty of players who supported Marshall over Tannehill and her hatred towards Tannehill has never been hidden.

Miko has said that she has been quiet to support her husband and that’s all well and fine but her lapses certainly don’t help the team. If she does truly have connections within the team outside of Brent then she is surely getting her point across to those players. That’s nothing concrete and really only summation from previous Twitter rants over the past few years.

It’s safe to say you can’t dog Brent’s play around Miko and it appears that you can’t call it like you see it either. I will give her one thing, the system is not conducive to success in Miami but we knew that. Kevin Coyle’s defense was a joke and the Dolphins don’t exactly have a lot of top tier talent on the defensive side of the ball. Still, Grimes (Brent) is a cornerback and thus is on an island most of the games.

During the 2015 season Brent has struggled with bigger receivers and has had some bad games. It doesn’t matter what system or scheme is being run, you have a bad game you have a bad game. Every player does. For the Dolphins, Grimes’ games are more under the microscope because fans and media pay close attention to him. Why? Because when he is on his game he can be incredible.

The interesting thing here is that the Dolphins will likely ask Brent to take a paycut or restructure his contract this off-season. Brent is scheduled to count $9.5 million in cap space next season and, sorry Miko, he isn’t playing at that kind of level. Not consistently. If Miko want’s out of Miami then she can simply convince her husband to refuse any paycut or restructure and the Dolphins would be forced to either pay him what they owe or release him. Who knows on the open market maybe he makes the same but with the way NFL contracts are designed, he would likely make less and never fully see the backend of a new deal.

So why is any of this relevant as it pertains to Miko? Well she has become a bit of a distraction. Her rants are emotional and we all know that she has always been very vocal. To be fair she is typically very cordial and giving of her time to the fan base. She has appeared along with Brent on my Tuesday night radio show On the FinSide.

Her tirades don’t serve any real purpose other than to draw attention to herself. Something she doesn’t have to really try to do. We get it she doesn’t like Ryan Tannehill. There are a lot of fans who share her beliefs. I will say to her the same thing I say to those fans. Get over it. He isn’t going anywhere. At least not in 2016. His contract is prohibitive in that sense.

Over the last four seasons Tannehill has been saddled with Mike Sherman, Bill Lazor, and Zac Taylor calling plays. He has had an offensive line that has been horrible. Sacked 183 times and has improved somewhat with his deep ball. Is he a great quarterback? Far from it. Is he one of the worst? No. And there are a myriad of reasons including Tannehill’s performance.

One thing that Miko should take note of if he she wants to continue throwing darts is the play of the defense where her husband plays. In 15 games this season the Dolphins have given up scores of 41, 27, 36, 33, 24, 38, 31, and 30 points to opposing offenses…minus the safeties. The point is Miko we get it. We are all frustrated. Every time Miko rants or rages about the team or Ryan Tannehill no one says, “Oh, it’s Miko being Miko”. No the first thing they say is, “Isn’t that the wife of Brent Grimes?”. When she rants, it reflects on him. Like it or not.

It’s gotten boring, it’s gotten tiresome, and frankly, it isn’t doing anyone, especially Brent Grimes any good. Miko rants no different than most fans do but fans are not married to a Dolphins player. Love the passion, love the support of her husband, but enough is enough already. Unless of course she is trying to get the Dolphins to let him go.