Are Dolphins looking at Paxton Lynch?


The Miami Dolphins signed Ryan Tannehill to a contract extension prior to the start of the season. Essentially it’s a two year deal and in 2017 the Dolphins have an out, should they desire. Could the Dolphins be looking at Memphis quarterback Paxton Lynch in the draft?

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Earlier today Armando Salguero pointed out that the Dolphins had internal discussions about Lynch earlier in the year but figured they would not lose enough games to have a chance to draft him. Miami has lost enough games now and one more loss coupled with a win by one of the three 4 win teams, Miami could be in the top five. And in position to draft a quarterback if they so desire.

Let’s assume that the assertion of Salguero is correct and that the Dolphins are looking at the possibility. It doesn’t come without NFL precedence. San Diego drafted Phillip Rivers high in the draft in 2004. Number four to be exact. The Chargers still had starting quarterback Drew Brees and after a season let Brees go. The Dolphins have Tannehill essentially under contract through 2016. In 2017 his guaranteed portions of his contract are over and the Dolphins can release him or trade him.

If the Dolphins did in fact draft a quarterback like Lynch they could keep him under wraps for a season and then hand the keys to him in 2017. If Tannehill continues to struggle, they could easily replace him in 2016. But would Miami seriously consider drafting a quarterback in round one when there are so many other needs on the roster? It shouldn’t not be considered. (Is that proper English?)

The two quarterbacks are definitely different. Lynch has a big time arm and moves around in the pocket well but many believe he isn’t quite ready for the NFL. Tannehill is getting better with the deep ball, still can’t work the pocket, and is standing behind a swiss cheese offensive line. Can Lynch make the team any better without an offensive front? Not likely.

Another question is can Miami draft a player in round one that will likely sit the entire season? It’s something they seem to do every season. Miami fans won’t care, we are used to it.

Lynch could be a game changer though. He is not a game manager but a legit rifle-armed quarterback who could become a franchise quarterback. He better be if Miami goes that route.

The Dolphins need corner back help, linebacker help, offensive line help, and safety help. They are far from being in a position to draft luxury. Yet they need to make the team better and Paxton Lynch might be able to provide some of that. One benefit however is competition.

The Dolphins have not had any competition for Tannehill since he was drafted. Matt Moore? Not close. Josh Freeman? Yeah right. Tannehill has entered each season as the starter and no one stood behind him to push. Tannehill needs to be pushed. Someone needs to be in his shadow forcing him to get better quicker or be out of a job in Miami.

Paxton Lynch. Interesting.